The Lost Weekend

Or rather, it might considered the weekend that floated away. True was the claim that we were under a flood watch and even though we weren’t hit as severely as our neighbor, Bound Brook whose streets are still under water as of this writing, we had our share of troubles to deal with.

Let me briefly recap the weekend. Friday night, we found the new cabinet and vanity for the new bathroom as well as a new toilet and faucets and shower heads. The beginning of the “flood watch” was upon us Saturday morning, as promised as we trudged out looking for tile. We have a certain coloration in mind; a stone style tile in a sort of mossy, sagey green mixed with browns and golds. We found one similar but it was gray and was in the exact vein we were looking for, but decided it was better to not settle. We’ll keep looking and we have time, because the room isn’t ready for it.

Tileless, yet undaunted, went to the Sands in Pennsylvania later in the afternoon gambled for quite a while playing penny machines. It’s incredible how long money lasts when you’re gambling away pennies. Actually, I more than doubled a twenty dollar bill at one point and cashed it out. All in all, when all was said and done, I came home with twenty dollars less than I started with.

Then Sunday hit. It was my mother’s birthday and the plan was to have breakfast, then clean out the garage while the construction dumpster was still in the driveway, prepare St. Patty’s day dinner and hang out. Well, that all happened, but so did my suffering from some stomach bug that had me on the throne. It hit my mother as well and at first we thought it was something we had eaten the night before, but we learned that both Ariel’s father, who is visiting in Florida, and Melissa’s hubby, Bob, in Illinois were similarly afflicted, I felt a little better knowing I wasn’t alone.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the basement was flooded, but not in the usual place we get water. The situation could have been much worse, but between the two of us we got it cleaned up as best we could in a little under 2 hours. And it was a true testament to my muscle control, because bending and squatting are not the optimal activities to partake in when one’s stomach is deteriorating.

The garage was cleaned out under the same precarious conditions during that time, Sue called looking for alternate directions to the house because traffic was diverted off the roads due to flood. It was only then did I realized no traffic had been passing on my street because it was closed off on two ends because the river crested over its banks in those spots.

Naturally, enough, when it nearing time to go to bed, I was feeling better and my color was returning to my ashen face. I couldn’t even pig out on corned beef and cabbage…voluntarily.

Then my mother had to come back after she drove all the way home because there was no electricity in her area.

It’s a new day, and they’re saying we might be getting more rain today….

But it’s a perfect time for another installment of McGinty Chronicles.

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