So, Here’s Some More Of The Story

I forgot to mention yesterday about our weigh ins on Saturday. I stayed at the same weight as last week (215) and Ariel put on 3 bringing him to 205.

The basement is just about done leaking. I mopped up a bucketful of water yesterday mid-afternoon and put the big fan on it to keep it at bay and that seemed to do a pretty good job, for the most part and the dehumidifier was running which helped some.

Then I had a scare later in the afternoon, which didn’t end until after 9 last night. Last week it was the computer, night after night with things not working right and the last couple of nights it’s been water related. I went to get a cup of yogurt out of the fridge downstairs and when I came back up, I saw my bathroom floor was splattered with water. It was drizzling out and though I knew it was impossible, my immediate thought was that the new roof was leaking, which would mean the new bathroom dormer was leaking. I went to look but I saw no evidence of a leak, but there it was, the leak in three places in a small crack in the plaster in the downstairs bathroom ceiling. A quick call to Lou and he was on his way over, after putting in a full day of working upstairs.

He figured out the situation just by my description; it was a pipe in the radiator in the upstairs bathroom that somehow got dislodged or cracked or something, what with all the banging around up there. He first drilled a hole in the ceiling downstairs to get the water out of there, then he emptied the water from the radiator–no easy feat in the small space he had to work in. Then the old wet insulation got dug out of the rafters and this little gem was uncovered, caps were welded onto the ends of the pipes and that was done. Writing it down doesn’t seem like a lot, but I was working with him until he went to his truck to get his soldering supplies (and hopefully eating something since Ariel and I ate our dinner while he finished up) and then a quick reattachment of the electric upstairs which he mistakenly disconnected.

Come to think of it, I never did have my cup of yogurt and it was going to be Creamsicle flavor,

Dannon Light and Fit–they have the best flavors. Come on, creamsicle, key lime, pomegranate, vanilla coconut, apple pie, just to name a few and only 80 calories a cup. But nothing is stopping me from having it now and so, I think I will.

That made me think. The very first container of yogurt I ever ate was blueberry Sealtest Light and Lively.

Have a great day, y’all. I think we’re in for some sunny skies today.


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One Response to “So, Here’s Some More Of The Story”

  1. Donna Says:

    What’s the Pabst Blue Ribbon picture?

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