Faith And Begorrah

No computer issues. No leaks. No late night for the contractor. We actually got to sit down to dinner before 7pm last night, a nice quite St. Patrick’s Day Eve. By the way, have you gotten all your holiday shopping done?  Work progresses upstairs, (I still wish I had taken a before picture), the basement floor is dry, my tummy bug is completely gone and I’m getting my appetite back, but hey, I’m no fool, I’m not overdoing it. After all, I have another weigh in coming up at the end of the week.

Down the Hatch. Hatch, a ratter dog, the only known female to serve on King Henry VIII’s ship, The Mary Rose has been painstakingly reconstructed and was a hit at this year’s Cruft’s Dog Show in Britain. She got the job as ratter because superstitious Tudor sailors thought cats on board would bring bad luck. Hatch is the name she was given the two year old mongrel because her remains were discovered near the sliding hatch door to the carpenter’s cabin. Unfortunately, bones were found on either side of the door which indicates the poor pooch was trapped when the ship went down 465 years ago.

I was going to write about that Erin Andrews and her demand that her hotel room peep hole stalker get more jail time than the judge first ruled. She hemmed and hawed and he ended up with 30 months rather than 27. That he’s going to jail at all is silly. And that’s not to excuse what he did, he’s just a peeping Tom who happened to get caught. And now, on the heels of having been thrust into the public eye in such a deplorable manner, she’ll tackle Dancing With The Stars for even more ridicule.

Erin Go Bragh. Happy St. Patrick’s Day                        


Okay, the newts had a tough night deciding who they think should be voted off American Idol tonight. See if you agree.


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