What’s Today, Thursday?

Nothing much is going on. I had a little reprieve from the clatter yesterday because the Lou Crew (that’s my affectionate name for them, kind of like the Carlosians–the landscapers) was working next door. But that’s fine because we still have to pick out our tiles and all and once we have everything in line, they’ll be able to go full steam and get it done. We’re going tonight to one store to look at some tiles and if we don’t see anything that strikes our fancy, we have another place to try on Friday. And hopefully we won’t have to settle for something that’s not exactly what we want. Tile’s not so easily replaced and once this bathroom is done, it’s gonna stay done.

What’s today, Thursday?

You might have seen this before and if you have, here it is again. Stare at the center of this image for about 30 seconds and the look away at a blank surface and see what you see.

And then, saw this guy on TV the other night and it reminded me of something else, but when I found the other video, it wasn’t super clear to get the full import of it so I found the video of the guy I saw on TV. It’s basically the same thing as the other. Plus this one is not quite as long.

And, finally, take a look and see how the silly salamanders fared with their choices of who to vote off of American Idol.

PS. I might not have been clear with my picture of Pabst Blue Ribbon yesterday. That was found under the old soggy insulation when the heat pipe was leaking upstairs.

One Response to “What’s Today, Thursday?”

  1. Donna Says:

    Odd place for beer can 🙂 When I started to watch the vidoe of the “folding the hands”, I was expecting him to have them “move this finger” then that one. Is that what you were thinking? You have some neat card trick but I don’t remember it. Maybe if we think of it next month, you can show us all. Have a good day!

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