Attention, Blog Readers: …

The pen is on the table. Does that sentence stick out?

We found our tile. It wasn’t what we originally had in mind which we thought might be just a tad on the “not right” side after all, but when I described to the guy what I was looking for he pointed out a tile I instantly fell in love with. Ariel came to look at it and the decision was in the bag. So, that’s taken care of. Speaking of the upstairs bathroom, the window is in, a new sub floor is down and drain and vent pipe are just about completed. I’m taking sequential pictures that I’ll share when it’s all done. I just have to locate a good shot of the original bathroom to start the whole presentation.

You’ll be glad to know that south Jersey Walmart has taken steps to curb the possibility of any more racial insults–”Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now”–by limiting the number of public-accessible phones with public address capabilities. I wonder if a certain mall I used to go to was ever able to limit the number of people who spit on the floor or throwing tissues with freshly deposited snot in them onto the floor. I wouldn’t know because the day that happened, was the last day I ever went there, and that was in the vicinity of about 20 years ago.

I also haven’t had an M & M since they introduced the blue ones, but being an avid fan of my blog you’d already know that.

You also know that with tomorrow being Saturday, it’s our weekly weigh-ins, so hold good thoughts on that issue for us. What you might not know is that today is Poultry Day. I’ll be gobbling up some leftover corned beef and cabbage however. Alas.

What is really sad is that some areas in New Jersey are continuing to suffer the effects of last weekend’s storm; some have no power yet, and there are still some flooding conditions because of cresting rivers, but fortunately that is lessening as the week progresses. I was watching some news footage from the past week on the news yesterday, about how the Passaic River crested and in one shot, a 4 foot swimming pool in someone’s yard was just about under water; of streets being turned into rushing rivers; and of boat rescues to get people to safety. And that made me think of this old video I saw from a similar storm (to give credit where it’s due, I think my sister sent it to me originally a few years ago) and since it was apropos to this storm I thought it was only fitting I share it with you.


You gotta love the media!

Enjoy your weekend! Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Click on the flower below and then hold the left button down on your mouse and drag it across the screen.  This was froma friend of mine and now I’m passing it on to you.


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One Response to “Attention, Blog Readers: …”

  1. Donna Says:

    I don’t remember that video… Love the flower garden! Happy Spring!

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