My Aching Back

Busy, tiring weekend. I was finally able to get outside on Friday afternoon after work and clear the lawn of all the fallen branches from that Noreaster we had the weekend before, plus I cut down two huge ones that were leaning on the ground on two separate trees. Had I not moved as quickly as I did, one of them would have fallen on me. I was standing at a bad angle with my pole saw, my “saw on a stick” and the branch fell toward me instead of straight down. I had to stand on a ladder with regular saw to cut the branch off the second tree that was tangled up in another larger one. All the branches are way too large to be moved.  I got my chainsaw restrung and started (I thought I’d butch it up and hack them into firewood, or at least more manageable pieces)but  it wouldn’t cut and now the chain is falling off again.  So, undaunted, I put the dilapidated tool away and  the fallen tree-sized branches are now permanently residing on the ground until I can either take care of it myself or have someone do it. I then proceeded to rake up at least 8 huge barrels full of smaller branches from the front lawn. I started off bending and stooping and almost immediately the pinching pain in my lower back directed to me to the rake. Actually, it was a much more efficient method of cleaning the lawn. Ariel got home from work as I was finishing the front and together we spent an addition two plus hours in the backyard.

Most of the morning and into the afternoon on Saturday was spent sprucing up the house (dusting, vacuuming, washing floors) ridding the house of the dust and crud that had gathered in the corners the Lou Crew has been kicking up from the construction upstairs, and preparing food for company we were having. I still had to get outside to finish branch duty in a spot I had neglected the day before. That took about an hour, but I got it done and felt rather accomplished in spite of the fact I was decidedly unable to stand upright any longer and am, at this writing, still somewhere between a 75  amd 80 degree angle.

As we were setting up the table I noticed a bulb was out in the light fixture and that fascinated me. I was thinking how many light bulbs have possibly been changed over the course of the 11 years we’ve been in the house. It intrigues me because there are some light bulbs we have not yet replaced and are still burning. It just seems that the ones we’ve replaced, are the ones that are consistantly not lasting. So what does that say for the quality of today’s products? I’ve probably just jinxed the whole thing and they’ll all go “poof” and plunge us into darkness next time we flip their switches.

I almost forgot. We had our weigh-ins on Saturday morning. Ariel dropped 4 pounds bringing him down to 201 (a total loss of 12 from when we began) and I am now down to 212, having dropped three pounds, a total of 18.

Speaking of trees and limbs, the Sigleys of Illinois continue, not with a jinx, but with more good fortune as McGinty Chronicles continues.


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One Response to “My Aching Back”

  1. Donna Says:

    Congrats to you and Ariel on the weigh-ins. Good for you and keep up the good work! And the McGinty Chronicles…priceless!! Thanks again!

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