To The Lady Of The House

I hadn’t intended on there being a blog today, but because of certain circumstances, there is one. In spite of the smallest pinchy tinge of pain (all too reminiscent of sciatica just waiting in the wings for the proper provocation to come out full blast) I was going to attempt a workout this morning. Last week, as you may remember, even though the major effects were gone from that stomach virus I had on my mother’s birthday weekend, I still wasn’t feeling quite up to snuff. And because I’d rather not be in the middle of a workout when the Lou Crew is here, I’ve been wanting to get back down there in the mornings before work. Not only would that afford me no potential audience, but it’s also good for the mind to get those endorphins and whatever other beneficial enzymes there are floating around on the move for a more productive work day.

But my morning was spent mopping up another leak in the basement. Not quite as severe as two weekends ago, but enough to put my back up nonetheless and make me rethink that workout. And it looks like I have to make another call to my heating people who came to my rescue with a “remedy” for a leaky valve on my furnace last night, which still seems to be leaking. I need them to come back with a “fix”. See how everything’s water related? And I’m not even including the kitchen faucet, the relatively new kitchen faucet that seems to have lost water pressure. Every other water source (sure, include the leak in the basement) is at full throttle, but the kitchen faucet is practically dead.

Because everything seems to be going at once, coincidentally with the construction, I’m asking the spirits of those before… please, enough already. We’re only making the house even nicer, updating it, if you will. Believe me, dear woman, I know you’re here, watching over, but I love this house as much as you do. I’ve always said this house was haunted! For crying out loud I hear furniture moving sometimes upstairs.

For the record, though,  to those that come after me, watch out! I intend to be just as unforgiving!


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