Super-sized Art

If you’re watching the train wreck known as season 9 of American Idol and you’re a reader of my blog, then you know who Herbert and The New Shazzam decided should be voted off last night. Was either of them right in their predictions? Read on and find out.

And then there’s this one. Oh boy. A Cornell University professor, Brian Wansink, and his brother Craig, a Presbyterian minister and religious studies professor, have studied the increasing sizes of food portions as depicted in 52 different renditions of Leonard Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” over the last 1,000 years. With computer-aided technology the sizes of the entrees, bread and plates were relatively compared to the average size of the disciples’ heads.

The study shows the main meal or entree has grown progressively over the last millennium 69 percent. The plate size has increased 66 percent and the bread, about 23 percent. All these findings suggest, what they call the “phenomenon” of serving larger portions of food on larger plates, which of course leads to people eating more. According to Brian Wansink, author of “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think”, the last thousand years have witnessed dramatic increases in the production, availability, safety, abundance and affordability of food. Not exactly sure phenomenon is the right word, but it’s not my study. But poor Leo, his paintings are all subject to academic ridicule lately; first the Mona Lisa showed signs of high cholesterol and was riddled with subcutaneous fatty deposits, and now we find Jesus wasn’t feeding his disciples enough food. Damn it!

In a study of my own, I discovered that dust bunnies get bigger also the less you vacuum…just sayin’.

Check out the newts to see who made the right prediction.


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