Water, Water

I really don’t have much to say today except that in case you didn’t catch McGinty Monday this week, you missed the introduction of a whole new branch of his family. And today is The New Shazzam and Herbert’s recap of American Idol.

On the other hand, I think the problem with the water getting in the basement had been resolved. At least I’m hoping so and keeping my fingers crossed. The trouble was a disconnected section of gutter behind some shrubbery against the house. Already, even though it rained like the dickens yesterday, the basement floor was already drying up except for one spot. But I’ll be able to tell better if and when this rain ever stops long enough to give the ground a chance to dry up.

Also on the water front….ha! Get it? Water front? “Hey, Stella!!!”  No, that’s not it, wrong movie. “I coulda had class.  I coulda been a contender.  I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am…”  <sob>  Gets me every time. I’m still waiting for the replacement part for my kitchen faucet to come in from the manufacturer so I hopefully get some water pressure again and can get a glass of water in under a minute. The customer service woman I spoke with on the phone said they don’t replace parts without proof of ownership, but would send the part out this once but in the future I’d have to show her a receipt. I told her I would get a hold of it and get it to her (it’s buried somewhere with some old papers from the last round of work we had done on the house) but she said it wouldn’t be necessary. So, where is it?

Ricky Martin is gay! Yeah? And the sky is blue, what’s your point?

So, let’s see, do I have anything else today?  Let me take a look around, see if anything is lurking that needs to be talked about…. Nope, I’m done. Just go check out Shazz and H-man.


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