Hop To It

I’d like to put in my two cents, but it’s One Cent Day today. It’s true, check your calendars. And that ain’t no April Fool’s prank neither. Whew, that’s a triple negative.

Hooray, the part for my Grohe kitchen faucet came in yesterday. Ordinarily I wouldn’t name brands of stuff, but it sounds impressive…Grohe! Now all I have to is be impressive and fix the dang thing.

Hey, did you know over in London, researchers are closely watching the behavior of common toads (bufo bufos) to help predict earthquakes. Since time immemorial unusual animal behavior has been linked to cataclysmic events but hard evidence has been scarce. I had a cat once that used to climb the decorative brick in my old kitchen, in my old house, in my old neighborhood. That was peculiar behavior to be sure, but there was nothing cataclysmic. I actually think it was the result from when we used to tease her with the beam from a flashlight against the wall and she would stalk it, like cats do and yes, even up the wall. This was the same cat we sang happy birthday to and she got so freaked out she jumped out of whoever’s arms of who was holding her and ran and hid for hours. Then, whenever we had company, she would dash out of sight. Dingbat cat!

At a breeding colony in central Italy scientists noticed a sharp decline in the bufo bufo population. Five days later, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck. And the epicenter was 46 miles away from the breeding center. And the number of toads had dropped to zero 3 days before the quake. It is suggested that the toads are able to detect gases and discharged particles and use them as a form of an early warning system. The day after the quake, they began to return but until after the last aftershock the numbers remained low. If only today was April 26. That’s Richter Scale Day and we’d have a theme going.

Upset last night in the newt nest. Click their pic and see how they fared.


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