The Easter Parade

What a weekend it was, lots to talk about, including news of my kitchen sink, the review on “Looped”, about Tallulah Bankhead starring Valerie Harper we saw yesterday, some more bizarre dreams and my usual brand of ranting, but today’s McGinty is a jam-packed treasure trove of information JL has to share with you so I don’t want to bog you down with a long blog today; I’ve got the entire week to cover all that.

But, before I let you go I have a weigh-in update for you. Ariel is up 2 pounds, bringing him to 205 and I took off 4 and was delighted to see 211 pounds on the dial. That’s a total of 19 for me since we began back at the end of January and 8 total for Ariel.

And these pictures are a bonus from yesterday. We sailed right into the city; we left the house at 11 and the show wasn’t until 3:00 and we had a bit of time left over after brunch at our favorite Irish Pub, Playwrights II (8th between 45th and 46th) and we walked up to the Easter Parade. We were surprised to see it’s not so much a parade, like the Macy’s Parade, but more like a street fair with Easter hats. We weren’t prepared so we both used our phones to take these pictures so the quality may fluctuate throughout the 16 pictures, but the main thing is I wanted to try this cool new feature of a slide show on the blog. It’ll come in handy when it’s time to show the progress of the work being done on the bathroom.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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