Ten More Minutes

Here’s a novel/agent update: Saturday morning, I had an email from that agent and she wanted to see the first five pages of my manuscript, to see the style of my writing and to judge if it would fit her. That’s the first time in five years anyone has asked for additional material. I was ecstatic and am awaiting further communication from her.

Also Saturday morning we had our weigh ins and I put on 3 pounds and Ariel stayed the same: 214 and 205 respectively. It was probably that huge steak dinner I had the night before at Charlie Brown’s after we picked up the paint for the new bathroom. A Hint of Mint is what it’s called; tones of green, blue and gray, kind of like a Dusty Miller.

Saturday afternoon into the night we spent in Greenwich Village with some friends. We saw somewhat comedy somewhat music entertainment caberet type show in which two singers (I can’t even tell you their names) sang mashups of songs with similar themes such as cars, for example and they’d go from Pink Cadillac, to Little Red Corvette, to perhaps something that happened to mention driving in a car. Then another theme and another and in between they would interact with the audience and tell jokes.

We headed to a place for dinner where there was a situation similar to the “iced coffee” incident where our friend Jim wanted an unsweetened iced tea, eschewing any more alcohol so he could drive us all home, because after the flaming shot that tasted like burnt toasted marshmallows we all sucked up through straws, (Kaluha, Rum and Tequila) Patty was a little too heady to drive. The waiter said they didn’t have unsweetened iced tea. So, in the logical way he has, realizing there had to be a logical work around to this matter, Ariel asked the waiter for a cup of hot tea and a glass of ice. Well, that put the already agitated waiter’s back right up, but he brought it.

And yesterday, we went to meet up with an old friend of Ariel’s for brunch and then a round of bar hopping. Before long it was after 11 pm and we were pulling into the garage. Needless to say, I’m a bit comatose this morning, not hung over and don’t even have a headache, and that incessant ringing in my ears is quite normal, but I could use another 10 minutes of shuteye, but if I can get through the one last section of some very intense numbers posting I began on Friday and have the report balance out, then I’ll be in good shape for the rest of the day.

And of course, it’s McGinty Monday.


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