From the annals of political correctness comes another plan to ban something that might upset somebody. Officials at Liverpool City Council want to ban the word “obese” so it won’t stigmatize the near 50% of 11 year old boys and 40% of 11 year old girls who are fat. They want to use the term “unhealthy weight” instead, in future health promotion literature aimed at fat kids. I don’t know, I think obese sounds more crude and insulting and wouldn’t that make these kids want to do something about it. Kind of like not really winning at a game because (Heaven forbid) there should be a loser.

Maybe they should all take a cue from The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers where they are offering an interesting deal that began yesterday. Guests will be invited to pedal one of the two newly installed exercise bicycles that have been hooked up to generator and whoever can produce 10 watt hours of electricity, will be given a complimentary meal valued at 240 Danish crowns, equivalent to $44 US. Maybe hook up their bikes to generate their video games. If they stop pedaling, they can’t play!

Oh, hey, I forgot, to tell you about the curious smoking sign I saw in Philadelphia this past weekend.


Monica Lewinski, Watergate, Teapot Dome; presidential scandals of great magnitude, to be sure. Well, can you expect when it’s been revealed the Father of our country himself is posthumously involved in a scandal of sorts? Not the cherry tree thing, no. On October 5, 1789, when New York was still the nation’s capital, George Washington checked out two books from the New York Society Library; an essay on international affairs called Law of Nations and volume 12 of 14 of a collection of debates from the English House of Commons. It’s come to light, those books were never returned. As of today, that’s 80,549 days. The fine then was just pennies per day, but adjusted for inflation, that fine is now worth approximately $300,000. The library has no interest in collecting the fine, but if possible, they would like to have the books back. And the question remains, if Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and Aaron Burr borrow and return books on time, why couldn’t George Washington?


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