A Real Einstein

The power of suggestion is a curious thing. One yawn can invoke a chain reaction. One sneeze and all of a sudden there’s a chorus of  gesundheiting each other  filling the room. WET PAINT: don’t touch!

Wait, that’s not what I wanted to say. It was more along the lines about absentmindedness. Or maybe it’s just a case of not paying attention. Not listening to the voices in my head. Or just plain stupidity.

The Lou Crew was working like bees upstairs on Friday (with the promise of completion by Tuesday–except for the glass shower enclosure) and he wanted to turn off the water so he could attach the water lines to the sink, the shower and hook up the new toilet. I was busy myself, working on stuff that had to be cleared away so that I can work on something else today and tomorrow before I take a couple of days off.

It was later in the afternoon and not only had I realized I needed food, but I really needed a cup of coffee. I saw the reservoir was low in the Keurig, but it was enough for the one cup I needed and I would just fill the it later when the water was back on. Robotically, I put my desired amount of half and half in my cup, put my cup in place, lowered the lid, pressed the button and watched in dismay as clear hot liquid filled my cup. I didn’t put a coffee pod in the holder.

Cute, right? But not at cute as this other Einstein story. Einstein the miniature minature pinto stallion was born last Friday at a miniature horse farm in Barnstead, New Hampshire. He was just 6 pounds and measured 14 inches, about the size of human baby, but with a larger head…of course.


 Just busy looking cute!

On the weight loss front, I remained the same as last week, an even 210 pounds, holding my total loss at 20 lbs (that’s 4 bags of sugar) and Ariel put on 1, bringing him back up to 201, taking his loss total to 12.

Anybody else counting down the painful last weeks of “Lost” until it’s finished? I gave up on that show a few seasons ago and can’t really explain why I continued watching except for the fact it’s a preset program in my DVR and every season it just records all by itself. Are they on the island? Are they off it? Are they in the past? Who are all these other people, who change every year? Is there a submarine? Is there a plane? Where did the hatch go? The polar bear? How about Vincent the dog? As a little aside, why couldn’t the crew just patch the hole of the Minnow? They too could have spared us all that nonsense. I just hope at the end of Lost, there is a reasonable explanation of why we spent the past six years in front of our television sets.

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