Bring It On!

Let’s see, when was it? Ah, yes, after the first of this year, we thought it would be a good idea, somewhere between when the threat of snow would end and our busy summer schedule would begin (camping, P-town–which of course has been put on hold as you know and general summertime muckraking) we would plan another trip to the Midwest to visit the family.

We cleared our schedules with our respective bosses and as time got closer, finalized an itinerary for while we’re out there, to make the most of the few days we’ll be there. Today’s the day, or rather the last day before we leave, anxious to hit the road, armed with our new GPS doodad and the goodies we normally take with us to those unfortunate ones in Illinois who can’t get pork roll in any store, or hard rolls–that’s a hint any of you out there reading this–to put it on, or even Devil Dogs. I think they are at long last able to get Ronzoni pasta in their grocery stores, but don’t quote me. Funny, in certain areas, though, there are video rental places and tanning salons as far as the eye can see, but nary a pork roll and cheese sandwich.

But they do have their own concoction; the famous Horseshoe. It’s a simple concept, really, but a local culinary art form. It’s thick toasted white bread, covered in hamburger meat (patties, if you will), topped with golden crispy crinkle-cut french fries all drowning in a cheddar cheese sauce–like an open faced cheeseburger with french fries but not on the side. There are other versions made with chicken or ham or turkey, even corned beef. And for those with a smaller appetite, you can get yourself a ponyshoe.  And one of the better places to get one is at D’arcy’s Pint

So, we’re all lined up and ready to go enjoy our few days away that we’ve had planned for months and:

And by contrast, here is the forecast for us here at home for the same time period:

Mind you, we’re there from Wednesday night until Sunday morning when we make tracks for home and return on Monday evening. So, see, I really think we need to start a drought recovery business. No matter where we travel (we were just in Philadelphia two weekends ago for an over night stay…it rained and so help me if the sky didn’t make good on the threat it posed all during our drive and open up the second we left the hotel on the way to the Irish Pub a few blocks away for dinner. And of course, you steady readers know our track record when it comes to camping. And now this luscious forecast for this vacation trip. Good to know we still got it. Now bring on camping season! I laugh in the face of rain, because really, what else can I do with such a standard occurance, but Idon’t scrunch up my face because we will have “no cabbage faces” in the rain!


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One Response to “Bring It On!”

  1. Donna Says:

    Drive safely and we’ll see you very soon! I see you are bringing the rain…. 🙂

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