Newts On The Road

The New Shazzam Hey everybody, the part of Brian is being played by Hawg and me as we come to you, semi-live to bring you American Idol. Say hi, Hawg.

Herbert Hawg? Really?

The New Shazzam Come on, play along, it’s getting toward the end of the season, we’re heading west in an Astrovan, currently somewhere in Pennsylvania… Say, check out the fancy digs over here in blog land.  So, this is what My Life & I’m Sticking To It looks like. Nice…white!  Yeah, for this week only, we’ll be here instead of our usual spot over on Mighter Than The Pen  but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop in and see what’s over there.  There is all our past posts from this season. There’s an exclusive interview by the late Commander with a former American Idol hopeful.  Of course there’s the impressive McGinty Chronicles and the first chapter sneak peek at Brian’s novel, Mightier Than The Pen.  Really, if you haven’t been there before, go check it out.  But for now, we have a job to do, so whaddya say we get down to it?

Herbert Okay, Shawg! So, what’s on tap for this episode of American Idol?

The New Shazzam Well, it’s the Top 6 and it’s the music of Shania Twain.

Herbert And no John Park with his bottom…what was it?

The New Shazzam His bottom end. Yeah, remember she was just about wetting herself the night she was a guest judge during the auditions?

Herbert Yeah, I remember that. And she makes a good point about the guys singing her songs that are written from a woman’s point of view.

The New Shazzam Lee is singing “Still The One”. Not a very womanly influenced song choice.

Herbert He sounded good, but I think he changed it too much.

The New Shazzam Yeah, but he stayed true to his style and he pulled it off. Maybe not his best performance, but true to his increasing improvement.

Herbert I still think he changed it up too much. But that aside, let’s see what Michael does with “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”.

The New Shazzam I actually liked it, much as I don’t like him, but there is always an exception to every rule.

Herbert I don’t know the song.

The New Shazzam I still want to see him go next. Casey with “Don’t”.

Herbert Again, I don’t know this song. Maybe I should have studied her music more.

The New Shazzam Well, we had this trip to prepare for.

Herbert No excuse, really. But he sounded good enough.

The New Shazzam Yeah, it was good. It was the most competent and convincing performance he’s given so far…I feel, and it’s like he finally joined the competition.

Herbert Crystal is next with “No One Needs To Know”.

The New Shazzam Her voice is flawless, but I’m not so sure country is her forte. I think she could have “folked” it up to make it be more in her own style, the style she’s made us fall in love with.

Herbert And to repeat myself, I could have used knowing the song and I could have done without the background singers.

The New Shazzam Aaron is next with “You’ve Got A Way”.

Herbert He’s a regular little crooner.

The New Shazzam I think he’s kind of weak and flat with this song. Nothing exciting about it.

Herbert I like him. I think he’ll be safe. He doesn’t really hit any bad notes.

The New Shazzam And finally, Siobhan. “Any Man Of Mine” is what she’s going to (probably) screech her way through. Is that a tattoo of Mary Poppins on her right arm? And there’s the scream. For the most part, though, I have to say, it was good, much as it pains me.

Herbert I love her, but I was disappointed by this one.

The New Shazzam Well, that ends another show. I’m torn between two, Michael and Aaron.

Herbert Can I send everybody home? Am I allowed? Who are you picking?

The New Shazzam I’m probably wrong again, but I’m taking Aaron.

Herbert I really don’t know how to call it this week. With the exception of Casey, it’s like everyone was going for worst. I’m really mad at my two girls, they let me down this week. But if I have to pick one, I have to say, I have a bad feeling for Aaron even though, based on performance, I think Siobhan was the worst and she went too heavy with her signature at the end of that song.

The New Shazzam So, Aaron then?

Herbert Aaron, only because I have a bad premonition.

The New Shazzam Then I think we’re in sync. Tomorrow then?

Herbert Tomorrow then.

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