Newt Road Trip, Part 2

The New Shazzam Hey, we’re late folks and we’re both exhausted ,but we’re here… trying to catch up with tonight’s show. There’s a promise of a recording of it, but, at press time we don’t have it so we’ll pick it up from here

Herbert Lady AnteBellum-a sultry sweet rendition of their ‘Need you, need you now’. We should have some of their music. They’re actually pretty good. Why don’t we?

The New Shazzam Who knows? It’s really Brian’s music collection and it is very varied and yet you’re right, they’re missing. I’ll agree with you they’re great and a good looking duo they really are. Even their group name is interesting.

Herbert Hey Shazz, it looks like we’ve missed a lot so far– The bottom three are Michael, Shioban and Casey? No way! Wow… really? Well-there’s a chance America may get it right after all. I know you want Shioban to go and we both are done with Michael, but if Casey goes–it’ll really be a surprise.

The New Shazzam But before they continue with the results, Rascal Flats performs with Shakira doing her ‘Gypsy’ she looks great, an exotic goddess and sounds lyrical. Could have done without Rascal Flats, but overall it was a good performance.

Herbert And it’s back to the results and the threat to see who’s going tonight. Well, the usual very unnerving moment continues with the shocker that Mike is safe again-just not right.

The New Shazzam With that choice for safety, I’ve still got a chance and left on the stage are Shioban and Casey-one leaves us-we’ll find out who…. right after the break.

Herbert A disappointment in either case-won’t you agree? Well, no I know that if she goes you’ll be ecstatic. You’ve had your tail in a bunch since she first sang and then screeched and screamed her way into so many others’ hearts. They are both justifyable quite tense and it is Shioban Magnus who’s cast off. In a way, we were both right (based on last night’s performance) but my premonition was wrong, to Aaron’s benefit. An independent spirit as Ryan calls her and now Shioban’s off the show and still manages to smile. I know you had little use for her, but allow me my sad moment as I see her go. To your chagrin, I’m sure we have not heard the last of her. She finishes her last night on the show with Aretha’s ‘Think’. Don’t laugh at me… I’ll miss her.

The New Shazzam Yea … yea. Ok…. softie! Folks, I hope you can excuse our impromptu reporting this week, but we did not want to leave you flat just because we’re not in our regular digs. Man, these road trips are killers! What do you say H-man? Let’s enjoy our week and be back next Tuesday at our usual spot?

Herbert Ok. Please pass me the tissues. Not since ‘My Lily’ was voted off have I felt sadder…Sigh…

The New Shazzam And don’t forget to check out Brian’s website and rumor has it he might be back tomorrow to closes out the week.


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