Hittin’ The Comeback Trail

The trip to Illinois was a success. Everyone is fine. And we proved once again that fresh country air really does magnify one’s appetite. That, and a non-stop supply of food. To that end, much as I know it will pain me, I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning to see how much damage I did over the last 5 days. I tried to behave, food-wise…. no, I didn’t, who am I kidding? It was all out for the taking and so I took advantage.

So, by the time you’re reading this, we just left from having breakfast at Bob Evans next door to our hotel in Cambridge, Ohio, and of course I had to cap off my vacation with biscuits and gravy and I don’t know what’s in store for lunch, but rest assured it won’t be a salad. It’s Ariel’s day to drive. I actually got to drive all the way from Springfield, Illinois to Cambridge, Ohio yesterday, to try to help him get over his fear of letting go of the wheel and being a passenger. Of course, toward the end of the trip, far into the increasinly monsoonal day, he almost ended up in my lap because I was trying to pass a tractor trailer truck (or semi, for those of you so inclined) that was spraying up waves of water and swaying back and forth in his lane, trapping me between him and the grassy median. I was nervous enough about it but in spite of the added anxiety, I got us out of there.

“Truth be told, these pages didn’t draw me in as much as I had hoped” was part of what that agent lady I recently submitted the first five pages of my manuscript to replied this past Friday while I unsuspectingly decided to clean out my email inbox. “I’m pressed for time these days,” continued Andrea, “and, what with my reservations about the project, I suspect I wouldn’t be the best fit.” That must be first things agents learn in How To Stomp On Someone’s Dream 101.

But that didn’t stop my streak of Einsteinian moves. Before we left for the weekend, I went to get some chocolate malt balls out of the container in my fridge at home only to find what I was pouring into my hand was half and half. Then, in Illinois, when Ariel and I drove to the store to pick up the chicken we were having at the big family shindig on Saturday, I reached up to put the truck in park, but with the windshield wiper handle, thinking it was the gear shift. True, I was driving a borrowed vehicle, but it’s been years, over 30 in fact, that I’ve been in a car with a gearshift on the column and that was my ‘65 Tempest I bought from my uncle when I first got my license in 1979.

So, anyway, tomorrow it’s back to real life and we both decided that Wednesday we’d start our morning walks again, so stay tuned for how that works out.

Until then, there’s a brand new McGinty today.


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