Travel Lessons

I’m sitting here trying to decide what to blog about and nothing is really coming to me. Well, happy Cinco de Mayo, anyway! Ole!

Nothing yet from that agent, as I suspected. I’m actually braced for not hearing a single word, but that’s okay.

I could tell you that I think my cold might be getting better.

I could diss the Wendy’s counter girl in Indianapolis I encountered on the way to Illinois. Maybe in a sort of six degrees of separation this might get back to her but I’m not worried that I called her a counter girl. Well, briefly, we stopped in for lunch just before we approached the I-465 loop around the city off I-70 and I was ordering lunch and she got increasingly upset because I kept ordering food. I was ordering for 3 people and after each item, practically, she would give me a total until finally I had to tell her to let me finish. Then, after we brought a mistake on one of the food items she put on the tray to her attention, to which she replied, “Yeah, I saw that,” she indignantly asked if there was something else she forgot and in fact she had; one of our drinks. Later, I went up to get a cup filled with ice for my mother and counter girl just about leapt across the counter at me asking, “What do you want now?” Counter girl completely dispelled the thought that people in the Mid-west were a friendly sort.  Well, we can’t judge everyone by one person’s example. Maybe she was having an off day. Maybe she was just a bitch.  I suppose she was in love with me, and wasn’t quite sure of herself. Sorry, that’s a bastardization of a quote from Mrs. Edythe Van Hopper in Daphne DuMaurier’s  “Rebecca” as a reaction about a well-known writer who would dart down the back way whenever he saw her coming. Lesson learned: Don’t stop at that Wendy’s again.

Now I feel like watching Rebecca.

Speaking of watching stuff, while we were away, I had quite a few “banked” programs in my DVR knocked off to make room for all that got recorded. Most of what I record is in HD and that takes up more space than a regular broadcast (do people say broadcast anymore?). I’m not sure how many, but a lot of Glenn Close’s “Damages” got knocked off. I think I had episodes in there dating back to March that I haven’t been able to get to. We can watch them on iTunes, for a fee and I guess that’s what I’ll have to do, but I don’t recall exactly where we left off. And there was a movie or two and…oh nuts, I just remembered there were a few episodes of “Life After People” on the History Channel. I can find those OnDemand, I’m sure.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. Don’t go on vacation during TV season. No, that’s not it. Don’t record so much in HD unless you intend to watch it right away. Hmm, that holds some credence. Don’t watch so much television. I’m gonna say ‘no’. Just deal with it, you’ll forget about them in a week or two anyway. That sounds about right!

While we’re on the subject of forgetting, let’s take a look at what the newts had to say about last night’s American Idol.


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One Response to “Travel Lessons”

  1. Donna Says:

    I watched Rebecca not too long ago. “He’s a broken man”. Good movie!

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