Hooray For Hollywood

I got a chill last night from an article I read in Time Out New York. The silent classic, Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” has undergone yet another restoration, with 25 minutes of newly discovered “lost” footage from the Museo del Cine in Buenos Aires. When the film debuted in 1927 it was regarded by science fiction writer H.G. Welles as “the silliest film”. Over the years, the film has been snipped away to mere 80 minute run time until 2002 when a German restoration brought the film to a renewed run time of 123 minutes with a recording of the original orchestral score. Then, in 2008, in Buenos Aires, cinema historian Manuel Pena-Rodriguez found a copy in a vault in the Museo del Cine with the 25 missing minutes and now, spliced together, the film now runs 6 minutes shy of it’s original length, which are described with intertitles. This near to original version is being billed as The Complete Metropolis which hasn’t been seen since 1927. And what added to my chill was that the only surviving copies of three American films were found as well; William S. Hart’s 1916 western, “The Aryan”, the 1928 Myrna Loy drama “The Crimson City” and “The Gilded Lily” starring Mae Murray, the girl with the bee-stung lips, from 1921.

I remember seeing a sort of documentary a few years ago about how improperly stored cans of film had been condensed to oxidized dust. It brought a tear to my eye to think of what pieces of the past have been lost forever; a film we’ll never know, perhaps footage of an American president or any significant documented historical moment.

And I know I’m late with this, but Hugh Hefner hopped to the rescue with the last $900,000 to save the Hollywood sign from falling to land development.

You know what’s goofy, though? The now available canine genealogy kit. You swipe the enclosed cotton swab on the inside of your dog’s cheek and send it to the lab. The animal’s DNA is then analyzed and compared to the chemical markers of 63 different breeds to determine your mixed-breed dog’s genetic ancestry. The test also determines physical characteristics, behavioral tendencies, personality traits and potential health risks. Results can take up to three weeks and price for all this ‘invaluable’ information is a mere $59.95. My first thought when I heard this was that how neat if, say if my dog were still alive, her ancestry would trace back to be related to JL’s dog. What a spooky and ironic thing that would be, but the idea of that would be utterly silly.

The results are in and the newts went away happy last night.


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One Response to “Hooray For Hollywood”

  1. Melissa M. Lueken Says:

    Hey, I know I’m a couple days late on this, but I wanted to say good idea on replying to the agent’s rejection! You have nothing to lose. So … good luck!!

    On a side note, how could anyone not appreciate the importance of the Hollywood sign as an iconic American landmark? Why would anyone even think of tearing it down? Derrrr!

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