Lions And Tigers

and termites, oh my! That should be an easy one to decipher. I had my exterminator in yesterday to treat for the carpenter ants that was sure to be (and was) stirred up by cutting down that dead cherry tree. What do you think killed it in the first place? I was told a while ago that when we ever decided to get rid of it, to have them come out within a few hours so they could get right on thwarting their imminent procession into the house. I called and they couldn’t get here until yesterday and luckily the swarm of ants was minimal so I tried not to get too worked up over it and managed to sleep without preoccupation keeping me awake like anything house related usually does.

Was minimal until Saturday afternoon, that is. Like I said yesterday, Saturday was a busy day and among the chores on my list was to do some minimal pruning of some shrubbery and to pull some incredibly fast growing ivy from the brick outside my kitchen window. What I hadn’t expected to do was single-handedly annihilate an army of carpenter ants that had taken over my driveway and the outside wall by the garage and nearly asphyxiate myself in the process. The reason? The wood from the cherry tree was brought to the edge of the driveway in preparation for when the chipper would arrive on Monday (which it didn’t) or Tuesday (which hopefully it will). It was warm and I guess the ants decided to go exploring, but after a can and a half of Raid fogger spraying in all directions I was victorious. It still smells of insecticide when you go out the garage door. I was just careful not to spray the logs so at least the little soldiers might retreat there.

So, when my exterminator was here yesterday, he dusted and tossed ant poison all over the place,  and he discovered termites in the basement. So, that’s the next thing we are faced with.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola is unleashing The Freestyle, a drink dispenser machine that can create up to 104 distinctly different refreshing drink flavors. Using technology that was originally developed for dialysis and cancer treatments, the touchscreen on The Freestyle instructs the machine to mix flavors on the spot by releasing flavorings into a stream of carbonated water and that ensures that each consecutive drink won’t taste like the one preceding it. Also, with the real-time data capability, Coca-Cola can discontinue a bad seller based on consumer demand, but according to the company’s senior communications manager, just about all the products are being tried every day. Found mostly in the south; Atlanta, Jacksonville and Dallas, as well as Southern California and Salt Lake City, there are currently 69 machines in the test markets and 500 more machines are set to ship out later this month. The idea is to introduce them slowly to be sure there are trained technicians in each region. Coca-Cola, if you’re reading this, I hope there’s an option for your too soon disregarded Coke Blak, which I see is available still from Europe. Do I want to get all involved in that, though? Possibly. Quite possibly.


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