Bottoming Out, Two By Two

The Lou Crew came yesterday morning as promised to blow all the sawdust out of the driveway as he said he would late Tuesday afternoon when he stopped by to make sure the chipper people had come like they were supposed to. But, it was rainy and the sawdust became impossible to move, but they did the best they could. I had intended to it, but when I was told they would take care of it, I figured, well, fine. Oh well, it’ll blow away eventually.

Had my sauce last night and as it turns out, I was a little too ambitious with one of my ingredients. I’m not used to making a small sauce. Usually when I make it, I a big pot and end up with a dozen or so quarts. It didn’t stop either of us from eating a healthy helping of spaghetti, though.

You heard about the killer eel, didn’t you? Well, really killer practical joker friends of an unidentified Chinese chef. After a heavy night of drinking, with the 59 year old chef passed out, his friends decided to yuck it up and insert a 20″ Asian swamp eel into his…let’s say “exit”… and it ended up gnawing its way through the man’s intestines, resulting in  death from severe bleeding and sepsis 10 days later. Guess they didn’t have a razor to shave his eyebrows. What gets me is the effort it must have taken to even accomplish such a task.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, the daughter of a 62 year old man took him to the hospital after a suicide attempt with a stuffed zucchini.   Stuffed where zucchinis and eels should not go! It was some ancient suicide ritual he’d heard about. He’s recovering nicely in the hospital. Guess he didn’t have a razor to slit his wrists.

Well, speaking of body parts, I was watching Ellen last night (still catching up on back episodes–this one from the 4th of May) and she was talking about how her back went out again, that it was a bulging disc. And as luck would have it, there’s a video of someone else having the same problem, more or less.

And now that you’re fairly grossed out and slightly amused, take a look at how the newts’ predictions panned out last night.

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