Mums The Word

We saw the King Tut exhibit at Discovery Times Square Exposition in Manhattan this weekend. It was how we celebrated Ariel’s birthday on Saturday. And, no, I wasn’t able to get any pictures–there were, well, not so much security, but vulture-eyed blue-shirted attendants all over the place.

Before we went to the city, we stopped in Newark to have a birthday lunch with Ariel’s family and spent a few hours there and were stuffed from the food and the obligatory birthday cake. Then it was off to New York and we had just less than two hours before our 5pm schedule at the exhibit that included a 3D movie presentation and then a walking audio tour among all the artifacts so we stopped in for a quick beer at our favorite haunt, Playwrights II. While we crossed the street we saw something that struck us both as odd. A guy was crossing 9th avenue was totally engrossed in a book and barely looked away long enough to safely navigate across the busy street. It’s New York, so that’s not so odd, but what was so odd was that we could see he was at the beginning of the book, unlike another we saw seconds later who seemed to be navigating just fine but who was at the end of his book. That made more sense than being so engrossed on page 1..well, unless he was reading a pirated copy of my book, that is. <insert smiley face>

We arrived just in time to stand in line to wait for the movie featurette and witnessed the whining family who attempted to disrupt the proceedings with ‘it’s cold in here we need our jackets’ and the mom pleading with the unmoved usher, unmoved large usher to please let her go back to the coat check to get their wraps.

It was fascinating and unbelievable to be walking among the ancient treasures. It’s just so hard to fathom these artifacts can be as old as they are. Everything was encased in climate controlled cases and were identified with descriptive placards and some with numbers corresponded to the audio ‘tour’ using our handheld personal speakers and the dramatic narration was done by Omar Sharif. For a while, I found myself having to read through the placards twice; not by choice, but by necessity. It would always happen when I’d be 2 or 3 sentences from the end when invariably someone would happen by and start reading out loud and it was like Mitch Miller’s bouncing ball and I’d end up following along. I finally got away from two separate groups that were doing that; either reading to the kids, or the precocious 7 year old testing her reading skills for her mother, who quite frankly did quite well.

The capper of the tour was the display of a replica of the boy king’s mummy, as the real King Tut has never, and will never, leave Egypt.

Then, in an unprecedented move, we went to our hotel room to change for dinner at Tre Dici Steak. In all these years, we’ve never stayed overnight in New York. Never had a reason to. But it was a special occasion and we planned to party the night away and thought it would be a wise decision. Tre Dici is fashioned after a 1920’s New Orleans style speakeasy. The service was adequately attentive and friendly without being overbearing and to say the food was, to use my word of praise to the waiter, “magic”, when he told me even he did not know how the sauce was made as the chef does not reveal his recipe would be and understatement.

Then back to the room to change into party clothes and out barhopping. We subsisted on Budweiser and shots of Jagermeister until 4am when we shooed out of the place and ended up in a limousine to take us back to the hotel. He was behind the one cab that refused us service and he took us where we needed to be.

Thankfully we chose to clear away the area the exterminator requested before we left the house on Saturday because when we got home yesterday we did nothing but have lunch from Wendy’s, which was another mini-adventure, and fall asleep for much of the rest of the afternoon.

And now it’s Monday and it all starts all over again. So, let’s get to it!


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2 Responses to “Mums The Word”

  1. Donna Says:

    That answers my question…I was going to email Ariel but our email is down at work today…I was going to ask him if he had enjoyable birthday weekend. Looks as though he sure did!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Following the bouncing ball … he he he …

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