Glad It’s Not Friday

My heart was racing when I woke up this morning, fearing I had overslept and it was Friday, that I had forgotten to put cinnamon in the coffee and we had to race like crazy to get the truck packed for our camping trip. How relieved I was to realize it was only Wednesday and, with that, the major thing plaguing my mind began to settle in and that is whether or not I’d be able to locate and correct the error I ended up with in the work I was doing yesterday. This whirlwind end of the month blitz is winding down and it’s perfectly timed to a long recuperative weekend.

The exterminator was here yesterday and again saw no activity in the termite zone so we’re keeping a vigilant eye on that. He also doused the outside with that magical insecticide to hopefully deter the carpenter ants, who made it their business to find a way into my kitchen, however sporadically. One is too many. Ah yes, the joys of summer and that reminds me of “when you live on the river…” Some of you might know that was the beginning of the end of our patronage to the diner down the road from us. That was how the manager excused the big bug on our plate of food, “When you live on the river, you can expect things like that”, or at least words to that effect. And on March 20 of last year, I made an uneventful return for breakfast but still we haven’t been back since. It was a mini-series called The Diner Project and that can be located under the categories tab in the right hand margin. Click here to get to that old blog page. Remember, there are very few pictures left after the disastrous crash to the server and all my pics got wiped out.

Where was I? Oh yes. Camping. We’re camping this weekend, our first trip of the season, and, look!

I probably just jinxed us, as I should know better than to speak of anything other than any form of ill-fortune, but I’m taking a chance and proudly announcing that it looks like we’re in for clear weather.

It’s going to be hot today and I’m thinking I should have bought one of those little doggie pools I saw at the pet store the other day when I went to get Fiddler some new food. I also got him some ‘cookies’ and the cashier was all funny, even though she seemed insulted I didn’t have a PetSmart points card (she also didn’t offer me one) when she said, “Ew, I wouldn’t want to dunk these in a glass of milk”.  Yeah, like I was inviting her to my litle party. 

And tonight is the American Idol finale and Herbert and The New Shazzam are chomping at the bit, (and were dialing like mad on their little hotline phones) for their choice for the crown.

Check here to see what they’re saying:


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