The Official, Unofficical Countdown

So, American Idol is all packed up for another season and the outcome was a bit of a disappointment. I was really hoping Crystal would win, I think she deserved to win, but, as you probably don’t need me to tell you by now, Lee took home the title. They were both good, but she was the more consistent, whereas he was the most improved, which you can’t prove by me taking into consideration this past Tuesday’s performance. I thought he dropped the ball on all three of his songs. But based on the entire run of the season, those two were the ones that had to be in the final. And so we also said good-bye, or good riddance in some circles, to Simon Cowell. And didn’t Janet Jackson look FAN-TAS-TIC last night? Holy moly. And now the newts have gone on hiatus and have disappeared to parts unknown, some shangri-la, until their services are needed again, but they left their last post all set and ready for you to look at.

The doctor’s office called yesterday with the results from my latest blood work and the numbers for my cholesterol and triglycerides were elevated (unalarmingly as I was made to understand) but he wants to see me again to discuss the best course of treatment to get them back to normal.

It’s just about 7:30am and I’m already impatiently waiting for the air conditioner to kick on. I remember the days before we had the central air installed, it was hot in this house, but I never really minded until one summer it was about two relentless weeks of mid-90 degree temperatures and high humidity and I got to the point I simply could not function. It was a hot day yesterday and even last night the temperature outside was hovering at 80 degrees, so the air in the house is hot. I suppose I could override the set time I have the thermostat, which was set for when I still worked outside of the house and no one would be in (so why run it so low?) but then I wouldn’t appreciate it when it does kick on later this afternoon. And I have to keep in mind this is only the beginning. It’s not even summer yet, officially.

I also sent away for my Art Linkletter points (97) but I haven’t gotten any response yet.

I still have some work to finish up (oh, by the way, I found and corrected that mistake I made reference to yesterday) so I’m not exactly sure what time later this afternoon will officially mark the beginning of the weekend and so far, according to this morning’s 10-day forecast of Northern Pennsylvania, conditions are still looking favorable.

Have a great Memorial Day and see you in June!  And don’t forget to check out the newts’ final “Idol” recap! 



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One Response to “The Official, Unofficical Countdown”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Janet! Janet! Janet! Yes, she looked fantastic and she was fabulous! Janet! Janet! Janet! Hee-hee! (oh wait, wrong Jackson)

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