Happy Campers

Tuesday, June 1 and we’re back from our camping trip and as I sit here writing this, the “phantom lean” is hitting me. That’s when, after being on the side of a mountain for an entire weekend and you unconsciously continue to balance yourself, comes back to haunt you. It was a great weekend and not totally without rain, but not while we were away and not so that we had to deal with packing and reopening wet gear. And that was a good thing because this was our first trip with the new monster tent, the portable condo, as someone referred to it.

This was the weekend of the caterpillar. They were everywhere. They even outnumbered the mosquitoes. Caterpillars and flying things that sounded like they were the size of birds so intent on getting to the light inside the tent. I was certain I’d see the sides torn to shreds by morning but after while, after lights out, they moved on, defeated.

So, about the rain… I packed up the truck on Thursday night and within minutes of putting in the last of the stuff, it began to rain. It didn’t last long, but yet it was Mother Nature’s way of letting me know she still has the upper hand. And then yesterday once we were home and nestled comfortably in our red recliners it rained a little. The weekend, all in all, was glorious with the exception of a threatening while on Saturday afternoon when the sky turned viciously dark. We were at a camp-wide beer blast and soon all eyes were skyward, fixed on this:

It passed without incident and we had otherwise warm sunny days and rather comfortable temperatures for sleeping. We didn’t even have to use our UniLazies on this trip.

Also on Saturday night there was another camp-wide party and the theme was “The Wizard Of Oz”. If you recall from a while back I had eluded to something there’d be pictures of, this was it. And here’s a teaser picture. Any idea who is who? 

Our title was “The Ruby Slippers, Before and After”.  Those rays you see coming off those ruby slippers is not magical power. It’s PAIN!I’ll post the full picture tomorrow. Some of you reading might already know because I posted the pictures on Facebook over the weekend. 

There is a new logo and quote for June on the homepage of my website if you’d care to take a quick peek.


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