Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Bad Directions

Nor dark of night, nor bad directions… I was going to talk about that moron lady, Lauren Rosenberg, from Park City, Utah, the one who was hit by a car and is suing Google for $100,000 for bad walking directions but it’s just so ludicrous a story, I decided to let it go. But I did want to take a second and play Devil’s advocate, and say that perhaps she was new to the area and unfamiliar with the terrain and indeed, as far as I can tell, she is a native of California. Okay, but that still doesn’t lend credence to this lawsuit. Come on, she doesn’t she have common sense enough to walk as close to the edge of the road, or even in the grass in the case of a sidewalk ending? And in another story I read, she thought she could make it across Deer Valley Road, but was struck by the car driven by Patrick Harwood on a pitch black night. She’ll write a book about it. Watch!

Nor insufficient postage… I got a birthday card returned to me in yesterday’s mail I had sent to a friend one day last week. Just a simple little square card with a funny saying on it. It wasn’t my intention to gyp the post office, and I’m not a cheapskate, but I thought perhaps I might have picked up the wrong envelope with the card the day I did all my card shopping. I was so proud of myself, remembering to get cards for all the upcoming occasions I normally remember after the fact. I couldn’t even fathom the  ‘add extra postage’  written in the stamp area could be meant for such a small parcel and I put a single stamp on it–what are they now 79 cents or something like that?–and put it in the mailbox along with another card of traditional size also with one stamp. Across the returned envelope was indicated that another 20 cents was needed. Yeah, but, the original stamp was canceled, so that would mean a fresh stamp, actually 2 of them because I’ll be damned if I’ll drive to the post office for a 20 cent stamp. Not that my friend isn’t worth it, but enough is enough already. That would be like a week’s pay worth of stamps for a single mailing. I don’t even think the card cost as much as the postage would turn out to be.   Does this make sense?

The pink card is turned over because it’s already addressed.

Apparently wake-up calls, along with carry on luggage and blankets being charged for on airplanes. And evidently Ginger McGuire from Michigan didn’t get the memo. She is suing United Airlines for false imprisonment because when she was finally awakened by a cleaning crew after her 50-minute flight from D.C. to Philadelphia landed and everyone else disembarked, police held her until they were convinced she posed no terrorist threat. United is not commenting, most probably because they realize they dropped the ball on this one in a time when just about every molecule is accounted for. Why didn’t the flight crew make sure all the passengers were moved off the plane. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there are no regulations about not disturbing sleeping passengers.

Maybe James Cameron can get to the bottom of this as well.


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