Hans Brinker, Updated

Well, they say you never go back, but, one day I’ll change my font color again, I’m certain of it. So, here’s the update on my leaky basement: by the end of the day yesterday it was pretty much dry. I know you’re dying to ask, ‘How’d you do it, Uncle Brian?’ Uncle Brian! That’s what I used to call myself, well, I still call myself that when I’m referring myself to my two nieces, but I used to refer to myself as Uncle Brian to Uncle Steve, a supervisor in the Florida division of the factory where I used to work (yes, the one with the crazy Italian lady) whose wife had a baby at the same time my niece, Melissa was born. “Hey, Aunt Bea (the receptionist down there who gave good phone) can I talk to Uncle Steve?” “Hey, Uncle Brian, what can I do you for?”; that sort of thing.

I noticed the other day when I was bringing in my mail, probably the day that card with the insufficient postage was returned that the down spout at the corner of my house was riddled with splits and the ground around where it connected to the pipe that travels beneath my driveway to the yard to drain was all wet and it was also dripping from the elbow up by the gutter. My first thought was, crap, I have to get up there and clean out the pine needles, they’re jamming up my gutter. It was a day or two later when I had this sudden thought upon waking that perhaps this leaky gutter/down spout might be the culprit to my basement leak, even though the corner of the house in question is approximately 50 feet from where the water is in the basement. I know water finds its own path, but that far? But I also took into consideration the fact that in the mornings lately, the floor has been considerably drier than later in the day. There’s been no rain to speak of and the only source of water that would coincide with the little streams in across my cellar floor would be the condensation runoff tube from the air conditioner unit that drains into the gutter.

So, the wetness on the ground around the aforementioned pipe joint that leads under the driveway was clogged and who knows how much so and the solution was a new down spout, etc., and in just one day, it already has made a difference, with the help of the dehumidifier which suddenly stopped sending water through the attached hose that snakes its way to my French drain in favor of collecting water in the water container, thankfully, so I just have to empty it daily until I can figure out why it’s not draining continuously through the hose.

Another thing I learned while working on the gutter was that I’ve loaned something of mine out for the very last time. I very rarely ever let anyone borrow something and one time when I did, it was a cordless telephone, ages ago, which I got back with a dead battery pack. I’d already gotten a new phone by then, but that wasn’t the point. A DVD I lent out got returned with a hole through it, case and all, like someone took a screwdriver to it. And recently, someone borrowed my heavy duty shrubbery clippers which I needed to clear my way up to clean out the offending gutter and one of the handles was broken. So, keep in mind, that was the last thing of mine anyone will ever borrow.

Ariel and I were supposed to get back to our 4-mile walks this morning, but did you see us walk past your house?  Maybe tomorrow.


One Response to “Hans Brinker, Updated”

  1. Melissa Says:

    A hole in a DVD??? Yes, that is a pretty sure sign that you shouldn’t loan anyone anything! Too bad!

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