This Is A Test

Do not attempt to adjust your…well, you get the idea. A little while ago I said I was going to try blogging from my phone. Well, the time has come. I have no idea how it will turn out until I see it published. And I am going to leave it however it comes out just so I can see for myself. On one “settings” page was buttons and controls for image placement and size but when I got to the page where I do my writing and editing the picture of my ugly mug was in a separate field and I couldn’t actually bring it in here.

Okay, so, as you might have guessed or assumed, we didn’t get out to walk on Tuesday either. Or yesterday. One of these days hopefully we’ll get back out there.

We got our bathroom door delivered yesterday but not installed. They got here late and the door has to be cut and he discovered he didn’t have his table saw with him and of course he didn’t want to free-hand it so today is the day the door will allegedly get attached to the hinges he installed.

I was also supposed to receive a digital converter thing-a-ma-jig from my cable company for the TV in the guest room that only has basic cable. When it was well past the time UPS would have been here I called and was assured an order was put in for it but it wasn’t shipped. After I read this rep the riot act, how I’ve been a customer for a long time at high-level service which my monthly bill more than adequately reflects he told me that by tomorrow I should have it. And here’s the fun part: tonight the guy I spoke to over the weekend who took my order is going to call to follow up with the transaction to make sure everything went smoothly and that I was satisfied. Uh oh.

That’s it for now, my thumbs need a break. I can’t wait to see how this turns out and see what I have to tweak to get the most out of this app and in a pinch I can use it when I’m not tethered to my computer.


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