No, Seriously…


A long while ago…(by the way, this is blog #2 from my phone but with hopefully a smaller picture)… Let me start again. A long while ago, sometime after Barack Obama was sworn in as president, a certain nickname started going around: Obozo. It’s been so long that it’s become second nature around here. Kind of like our friend Daniel who we call Marcia. It’s been over twenty years and it just comes naturally, so much so that calling him by his real name just doesn’t sound right anymore.

Two nights ago we were watching Jeopardy and a clue came up and the word “rebozo” was involved. A rebozo, as it turns out, is a long scarf or headdress worn by Mexican women. I thought it was the proper term to be used if Obama should ever be re-elected into office.

My bathroom door is up as of yesterday afternoon so now it’s not necessary to vacate the entire second floor if someone is using the bathroom. The shower enclosure, however, is another matter. But I was assured the measurements were given to someone else and so continues the game of wait and see.

Did I mention we made a call to Town Hall to find out what the story is with our permits, the very ones that were applied for in early April. We were told the request was submitted to Construction on May 24th and since then there has been a court date, a mandatory furlough day and a holiday and things are just topsy-turvy over there. Well, yesterday we got a letter, dated June 9th from the township citing some omitted info on the submitted plans. I gave that to my contractor and he is on the case.

And speaking of being on, it’s time for me to get on the clock so I can get this week over and done with.

Have a great weekend.


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