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I’m back on the computer this morning and another busy but fun-packed weekend is behind us. I hope I can remember it all with the scant amount of sleep I had last night. I was awake at 2 for a trip to the ‘loo’ and couldn’t really fall back asleep. However, to catch you up on some pending things, my contractor brought the revised papers for the township for me to sign; I reattached my down spout (apparently I didn’t have it connected securely enough); we ended up having to pick up the cable converter box on our own because, as we were told, Fedex screwed up the address and the shipment–both of them–got rerouted. Funny how our monthly bills with due dates just days away never get rerouted. But it’s hooked up and all’s right with the world in my guest room once again.

From the ‘I really should watch myself around people with camera-equipt cell phones while I’m dancing like a back up dancer to Diana Ross’s “Baby Love” with my shirt off at a public pool because it’s not pretty’ department, I weighed in once again at 214 this weekend and Ariel added one pound to his weigh in from last week, clocking in at 203. That less than seductive dance was part of the weekend-long birthday celebration with our house guests. Too much food, too much drink equals a good time was had by all.

Yesterday was a lazy day but we finally convinced ourselves to get out to the store like we needed to for a card that has to go in the mail and spent close to two hundred dollars. We found some accessories and towels for the new bathroom and a few other sundry items with enticingly low prices (but when you buy a few of them it all adds up) and a certain cashier had to be pulled off break to open a register because the store was packed and she was not having it and bitched and moaned the whole time she rang us out.

Then, in the pouring rain, it was off to Ruby Tuesday since it was getting nigh on dinner time anyway and once again, carrying on the tradition of the weekend, ate more than we should have (let’s not even get into the dessert we had later once we were home, thank you). I went in while Ariel parked the truck and no one was at the greeter podium. A manager type came by and I requested a booth in the bar while, coincidentally The Rolling Stones were singing “Ruby Tuesday” on the PA system. “Oh, how appropriate,” I commented aloud to the manager man. He placed the menus in his had down on the podium and walked away. Did he go off to laugh at me? Roll his eyes in that “if I hear that one more time” manner of displeasure? He returned minutes later looking at the schedule for his wait staff, summoning several waiters and querying them about what tables they had, momentarily ignoring his two dripping wet customers while we pondered that perhaps we should have chosen Maggiano’s and their oversized bowl of pasta after all. Finally, after 5 minutes had passed, he escorted us to a table with an apology for the televisions being out due to the weather to which I responded, “Oh, that’s okay, we’re ex-DirecTV customers.” But the signal came back on the set in my line of vision in time for the Mets to win their game against Baltimore.

And here it is already Pop Goes The Weasel Day. And be sure to wave it around like mad today, it’s June 14th, Flag Day!


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