Sore Feet, Still No Book Deal!

I scanned through an article the other day, after seeing an item on the news about how flip-flop wearing can lead to leg problems. Well, don’t you know, ever since I read that article, I’ve had an almost unbearable pain in my legs and feet. It might have been a residual effect from those “costume” shoes I wore a few weeks ago that had my feet all scrunched up and rendered me unable to stand in a natural upright position, but, no, that’s not the case at all. After all, I don’t wear them to fetch my mail, (what a traffic stopper that would be, huh?). I wear my flip flops, the ones with part of the sole that pulled away and sometimes “flops” under and gets caught on the carpet and boy, by the time I get back to the house, I’m ready to put my feet up and sip on a daiquiri. No, I’m kidding. I don’t like daiquiris. But the pain is getting better. I bought a new pair of flip flops this past weekend.

It’s really mind over matter, like my eye doctor saying, ‘you’re getting tired of wearing contact lenses, aren’t you?” and then I find myself in my glasses more often since I was there a few weeks ago.

And what’s with this woman, Donna Simpson, who is striving to weigh a thousand pounds? Currently, the 42 year old mother of 2 clocks in at 600. Calling herself a member of the “fat acceptance community” she is hoping to give plus-size women more confidence. OH! And she’s received a book offer! (DAMN IT!…or rather, WHAT THE F*%K?) and is hoping for a reality TV show. He fiancé, and father to her youngest child is one of her biggest supporters. She spends up to $750 a week in groceries, suffers from Type 2 diabetes and has problems with the smallest of tasks such as cooking (the grocery bill should be an incentive) and taking a shower. Good Lord, I huff and puff tying my shoes with my measly extra weight, by comparison, I guess I don’t have it so bad.

At least she has a goal. And a website where fans pay to watch her move about and watch her fat “jiggle” because they adore it and they’ve even taken to sending her food and gift cards to fast food restaurants to help her achieve her goal, though she claims she eats healthy…just a lot. She just doesn’t know if her idea weight can be met what with chasing after a three year old. Her critics warn that her increasing weight can lead to heart problems and worsen her diabetes but she dismisses them with her claim that she is very healthy and that she goes to the doctor every three months. I don’t know, but if I were a patient of that doctor, I might strive for having his medical license taken away.

I was gonna write more, but I think I need to jog around the block and try to sweat off an ounce or two of the unfortunate four pounds I put back on.


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