A “Moo”ving Story

“She called my name and seduced me, so I had to have sex with her,” was the defense given by Busti Ngurah Alit from Indonesia after a neighbor caught him in the rice paddy fields. 18 year old Alit was standing naked while holding onto not the back of a beautiful woman, but the cow who was so entrancing to him. To cleanse his unholy act, the young man, at the hand of the village chief, Embang Ida Bagus Legawa was forced to marry the cow. He fainted during the ceremony that also required his clothing be thrown into the sea. Then, to rid the village of bad luck, Chief Embang gave the owner of the seductress cow the equivalent of $562 before drowning the beast at sea. They should have at least burned it at the “steak”.

Just thought you’d like to know that.

A new study shows that every hour spent watching television increases the risk of dying from heart disease by almost 1/5. Other maladies that could be increased include cancer and strokes. Nothing, however, was said of utter boredom. Did you see the final season of LOST? The Australian researchers monitored 8,800 adults for six years and in the follow up there were 284 deaths; 87 from cardiovascular related problems and 125 from cancer. The other 72 MUST have been from boredom.

The study also states that watching more than 4 hours a day increases the likelihood of death by any number of reasons by 80 per cent. And if you add in the possibility that any short people in the findings from a Finnish study that revealed that people under 5 feet tall (because their arteries are thin) have a 50% chance of pre-mature death from heart disease were included in the Australian TV study, then those findings are rather skewed.

Of course watching television isn’t the only sedentary activity that can increase one’s likelihood of an early demise, it’s also sitting in front of a computer for work. Hmm, well, I work in front of computer, with the TV going pretty much all day and then I sit at night in front of the boob tube. So making any adjustments for my time with the weights and my aerobic exercise and maybe count in my trip back and forth to the mailbox each day, which sometimes can be twice if I’m sending anything out, added to the fact that I have watched hours of television almost daily for most of my nearly 50 years, and figuring that 1/5 daily risk, I’m sure I


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One Response to “A “Moo”ving Story”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Turn off the TV!!!! Oh noooo!!!! It’s too late 😥

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