Traditionally Speaking

The Vuvuzela is up against it and if fans and World Cup game officials can get FIFA on their side, the loud swarm of bees sounding plastic horns will be banned from being played. Playing the Vuvuzela is an African tradition and coincidentally, Africa is the host of the games. So, essentially her guests are telling her what to do. That sort of sounds familiar, but I won’t go into how I am often derided about my hosting capabilities.

The Vuvuzela, when blown, holds a decibel level of 127, louder than referee’s whistle (when it’s not blown, it’s much, much quieter…) and has been drowning out fans, commentators, national anthems, players on the field trying to communicate with each other and generally ruining the games for everybody. I can imagine. I’ve encountered similar horns in Philadelphia during the Mummer’s Parade on New Year’s Day. Just one going off in the general vicinity is rather alarming and almost deafening so a stadium full of them must create a delirious incessant drone. So, with the use of earplugs, plus the Vuvuzela’s manufacturers are planning on quieter versions. And of course there are all sorts of suggestions about how to quell the sound from televisions across the globe; lower the left and right speakers while raising the center one; playing with your equalizer…things of that nature. I say just turn the sound off, turn on the closed captioning and listen to dust blow across your floor. Still and all, while I’m sure the sound is incredibly annoying, I think it’s horribly rude to demand the host country’s tradition be banned. How would any of the other countries playing feel if one of their traditions were under such scrutiny? Except for here, we’d let anybody else make up the rules and that would be that (ex. Holiday party as opposed to Christmas party…or for really hardcore bleeding hearts, it’s a Winter party). And by the way, World Cup officials have realized that Africa is about music and that is what the Vuvuzela is all about and they have no intention of banning it.

On Tuesday, a new crew of mail jumpers got back to work delivering mail in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the oldest continuous mail boat service in the United States. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, residents would boat into town to pick up their mail. But in 1916, mail began to be delivered by boat to the 65 homes on the lake. The boat never stops while the jumper hops off onto the pier, with all kinds of obstacles such as wet surfaces, freshly painted surfaces and patio furniture (and sometimes an unexpected swim), places the mail in the respective box and leaps back onto the boat. On Sundays big bulky newspapers are delivered. Imagine someone complaining about this tradition?

Then there’s case of ‘I told you to keep your paws off my hat without asking.”

Kitty Dearest starring Joan Clawford.


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One Response to “Traditionally Speaking”

  1. franarexic Says:

    I wrote a post about this same topic on my blog yesterday.
    I share the same views.
    People need to be more tolerant and open-minded in regards to foreign cultures.
    Also, I find the negative criticisms to be unfair, albeit disrespectful, to the South African people.

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