Coffee And Oil And Winky, Oh My

A recent comment to an earlier blog prompted me to use it for today’s. My sister reminded me about the time I was almost an “artist”. I hope I have my facts straight. If not, I’m sure I will be corrected. Quite a few years ago on a Saturday (I’m assuming) with some people visiting, a knock came to the door. There, framed in the screen of the front storm door, stood a man in an overcoat and a fedora and a badly scarred Karl Malden-like nose and he asked for me by name. He came in and made himself at home at the kitchen table and opened his brief case and began extolling the fabulous freeing life of being an artist. On and on he went until I just couldn’t take his sandpaper voice any longer and made it quite known I was not interested in what he was selling. He read me the riot act before he acquitted himself from my house for wasting his time. Apparently, my sister had drawn “Winky” from the back of a matchbook or the back of TV guide (when TV guide was still in its iconic format) and submitted it under my name since I was of submission age. By the way, did you hear, American Idol is lowering it’s minimum age to 15? I’m sure the popularity of Justin Bieber is the reason, though I don’t get the appeal, but then I’m not a prepubescent little girl.

The one thing the “Winky” incident reminds me of, is the time I garnered my sister an unintentional “F” on a paper she did for school. Though I’m not quite sure of is how the two incidents fell chronologically, I’m certain one had no bearing on the other, but it’s great story, now that a sufficient number of years have passed.

I’m saving that story for next time because I have a story about coffee. Researchers have found that drinking 4 or more cups of coffee have a lower risk of head and neck cancer. They don’t know why but they have concluded that coffee may contain anti-cancer ingredients. Wouldn’t it have been a little more effective if after all this studying they could say something conclusively?  

From the ‘you make the call on whether this is in bad taste or not’ files, have you heard about Spirit Airlines new marketing campaign “Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches” featuring suntan oil-slicked bikini-clad models on beaches in places where Spirit obviously flies and the oil they’re using is Best Protection? Some are crying out over the ill-timed insensitivity of it all, considering the magnitude of the catastrophic situation in the Gulf. I find it cleverly amusing in light of the situation. It’s probably the flaunty artwork that’s got everyone up in arms.


Maybe it’s because I’m becoming more and more cynical in my old age, but I don’t  think it’s anymore insensitive than a campaign aimed at tourism in Tuscumbia, Alabama, from a couple of years ago that used this as it’s slogan: (which I thought was rather tasteless)

And like Lincoln once said, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Actually it was “fool”  but I think he should have said “please”. It would have made better point in this case.  Think of it this way: you find a joke about a colostomy bag funny until it hits home and then it’s totally tasteless.

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.~ Abraham Lincoln

Didn’t get much done in the yard yesterday, but today I’m outfitted with a brand new wheelbarrow and just in time, too, so I can start moving the stones out of the patio today. So looking forward to that this afternoon.


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