It’s Been A Year Already

You know what I learned yesterday afternoon? That installing a new gutter down spout by one’s self is rather taxing but not altogether impossible. I got the old worn out one taken down and set aside in no time flat while the sky wavered between sun and threats of rain. It probably wasn’t the best decision to work on that project with such looming meteorological instability, but it only hastened my work. And by the time I was finished the sun was back out in all its glory. Every step I tried to complete I realized I needed yet another tool or part and was back and forth to my toolbox at least a dozen times. I actually considered bringing the entire toolbox with me from the basement, but that would have been too easy. But, somehow, I had the pieces wedged tight enough that they weren’t moving in spite of the fact that the top strap was rather loose since it was formed to the original and the second I went to attach the bottom strap, the down spout came loose from the coupling above and fell to the ground. Three times. Finally I got out my trusty electric drill so I could make a hole to screw the pieces together, but alas, I drilled through the wrong spot. Fall number four. Another drill hole and another screw and that baby wasn’t going anywhere this time. Strap fastened, down spout secure, run off attached. Gads, no wonder those gutter repair people get paid so much.


All this after first learning that moving that pea gravel patio is going to be a long long process. I set a timer on my phone for an hour and decided at that point, I’d see where I was and whether I’d continue or quit and get working on the gutters. The “man of the ants” wasn’t due until about 4 o’clock and that gave me a window of two hours. But gray clouds were approaching and the wind picked up but on I shoveled through a threatening drizzle until it seemed as though the sky would open up at any minute. Coincidentally, it was 5 minutes shy of my initial hour so I gathered my stuff and made my way back up to the house. And the sun came back out and that’s when I decided there was no time like the present to get to work on the gutters.

I did some calculating. The patio in question is approximately 576 square feet at a depth of about 2 inches. Roughly speaking, since 1 ton of stone will cover 100 square feet at 2 inches deep, we have approximately 6 tons of stone back there which calculates to nearly 4.5 cubic yards. It’s hard to fathom there is that much stone back there, and what I moved yesterday hardly made a dent in it, but I’m not out to set a world record. It will probably take me all summer and that’s fine. It’ll give us adequate time to think of what we want to do with that space.

It may not seem like a lot, but I lost count at 7 loads and this is either 10 or 11.

Not doing anything today because, even as you read this, I’m off on my camping trip. Hopefully the Rain Man of the Midwest will come through and annihilate that pesky thunderstorm icon from this forecast.

And by the way, in the midst of all the media hoopla, today marks a year that Farrah Fawcett also died.


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One Response to “It’s Been A Year Already”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I’m pretty sure there was a certain someone else who lost his life on this date last year, but I’ll let that be …

    On a side-note, I didn’t realize how … um … er … “revealing” Farrah’s bathing suit was in that picture! Good grief.

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