Insult To Injury

Here I go again, one more time, griping and complaining about Provincetown. But I think it’s best to stick with something one is good at and I happen to be good about complaining. Yesterday, I got an email notification that my oldest friend in Ptown has “friended” me on Facebook. Just another reminder.

Curious usage of the word friend, and unfriend, that it’s used as a verb. But that’s the new way of speaking these days. We make things up as we go along in a sort of shorthand because our lives are so busy we can’t say what we mean. We can only infer an entire thought, or sometimes even a complete sentence in a few short words and sometimes it works and sometimes it just sounds stupid. Take, for instance, the way they call the weather on a certain radio station I listen to. If there is a possibility of rain, it’s a shower chance. If someone is talking about a particular email he got, it’s an email piece. Or we take and empty milk carton and ‘repurpose’ it as something else. And one that gets me, which is used around here a lot, and I’m probably gonna catch Hell for it, (because it’s someone in this house that’s not me who uses it) is ‘footprint’ to mean the size of something, like our tent, for instance. Instead of asking how big is it, it’s what’s the footprint? Nope, not me, I speak (and write) in long hand and it used to be that people would look at their watches when I get started on one of my yarns. Of course, if I did do it in shorthand, it would, of course, be something along these lines: “bitch, bitch, bitch”, and that would convey my thoughts perfectly.

Actually, the word ‘unfriend’ which was Oxford’s Word of the Year for 2009, was actually being used as far back as the late 13th century, as a noun, meaning enemy and was still in use six centuries later.

To further get the weekend off with a bang, my contractor arrived yesterday morning quite by surprise with the shower enclosure. He and his crew were upstairs for quite a while and several hours later he came down to tell me the corner pieces had not been mitred and while he installed them, they will be replaced as soon as the replacements come in which he called to order while he was here. Also, the one tiled wall where the door part of the enclosure is going is bowed out slightly and the door won’t close properly because of it, so he’ll have to remove and replace the offending tiles and hopefully make the space the 1/4″ more level than it currently is.

So, what to do on my summer vacation? I don’t know. Vacations should be a time of relaxation and possibly getting to try things you might not otherwise do, like sleep late, for instance. Actually, (get this!) I have this vision of a clear sunny day, the steely blue sky dotted with cottony white clouds and perhaps going for a ride on the Circle Line around Manhattan to try to obliterate my increasing fear of boats. I’d done that trip before, years ago, when I was much younger and sat across a woman with more underarm hair than I ever had or will have and I was more carefree. But the older I get, the more fearsome about certain things I’m becoming. And if I chicken out, it’ll still be a sunshiny day in New York.  So, stay tuned on that one.

And here is a very interesting video of nature taking care of its own. This is one time when the work ‘amazing’ truly fits.


Happy 4th everybody.

PS. I apologize if the video doesn’t play. The way to embed thems seems to have changed and I apparently haven’t mastered it yet. Bitch, bitch, bitch!


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2 Responses to “Insult To Injury”

  1. Donna Says:

    “OK” I never heard any of that lango you mentioend (shower chance, footprint); well, I might have heard “footprint” but not for the size of something…I’m thinking I’ve heard it to mean that something has been there before…. You know…we’re out here in the boonies! The video of bees: I’m not well versed in honey bees, so I don’t quite understand what they are doing. But, was that a “bee fight” near the end!? The video of the fireworks worked; very nice! Good luck with the Circle Line; it will be fun 🙂 Happy 4th of July!

  2. Melissa Says:

    My eyes are as big as this computer screen watching those bees! Wow!

    “Donna” -> I am also not familiar with that “lango” … but I’m pretty sure you meant “lingo” 🙂 I am guessing it is an East Coast thing. We are not cool enough to talk that way. Also, you need to turn up the volume on that bee video so you can hear the explanation of what’s going on.

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