Back To The Old Grind

Monday and back to punching the clock. Hard! For rousing me before the sun was up. And that can mean only one thing. Back to work.

Believe it or not, once July 4th was over, I kind of got used to not being on The Cape and doing things closer to home. I had no choice really.

So, let’s see, the Lou Crew came and finished the door/tiling project, but now he still has to re-spackle and paint the mess that happened when he tore down the few tiles he had to, to get the door to fit. He’ll probably do that when the new door for the top of the stairs comes in. And I signed the revisions to the plans and they are now over at town hall and so we wait some more for that to get rolling.

The Lou Crew was here longer than he anticipated and since my friend Janet had rescheduled her daughter’s graduation party because of the rain that was called for on Saturday, we delivered and installed those cornices on Saturday.

And since the party had been changed to Sunday, we weren’t able to make it because we had planned to cap off vacation with that Circle Line cruise around Manhattan. All week long I had pondered it and even went so far as to see what other types of cruises around New York there were. We found one, a dinner cruise, for the day we had gone in to see the skin doctor. If you remember, it was probably the hottest day on record and the dress code involved a jacket, no sneakers, no shorts, etc. and there was NO way we were walking around the city until the 7 o’clock departure time in dress clothes. And the cost was going to be close to $150 a person. Not worth it. So we decided on the Circle Line and it was going to be Sunday to end vacation with a bang. And after a while, I got my “sea legs” and was able to move around from side to side to take pictures, but when we first got on and the boat was rocking, I had to sit.

And here are some of the pictures I took. I was shocked to see how clear the picture of the sunbathers came out, even though it’s taken from a blown up version off the computer. I think they might not be in any semblence of order as I took them and it doesn’t look like they’ll be an animated slide show, but each picture is titled. I have to figure out how to make that slide show. I’ve only done it once and I don’t remember how it’s done. I’ll try to figure it out for when it’s time to post the bathroom pictures.  And did you know that Broadway runs the entire length of Manhattan and all the way up to Albany?

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We got home late from the city and were greeted with police activity in front of the house taking care of the sprawling accident. It looked like no one was seriously hurt, but the vehicles were pretty banged up.

And just like that it’s back to work. Oh, and I still have to tell you about that candy “find”. Tomorrow.


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One Response to “Back To The Old Grind”

  1. Donna Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are great! I’m glad you went and had a fine time 🙂 Yeah….candy find….. I’m waiting 🙂

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