All Systems Go

Just a short note today because I’m running a bit late. I spent most of my free time this morning polishing up that query letter. I’ve been checking daily on the agent’s website and she is still not accepting submissions yet but I know if I don’t get on the ball I won’t be ready when she does open it up again.

My contractor was here yesterday afternoon discussing the work he’ll be doing and figuring out the best way to get the cement truck into position; whether to come diagonally across the front lawn or to drive directly in front of the house. Either way trees will have to be trimmed. The township apparently doesn’t like curb jumping otherwise it could be a direct line from the street to the side of the house, but the contractor will talk to the truck guy and see how he feels about it. Ground breaking is set for this Saturday. Oh…joy? No, it’s really exciting, but now that it’s this close, it feels overwhelming and intrusive, but there’s really no other way to get the job done. Is there?

I took this shot this past weekend. I zoomed in as far as I could and was as quiet as I could be but he spotted me. He stopped and stood still just long enough for me to get this shot. I know it’s just another picture of a deer in my yard, but not since the baby feeding off its mother, I haven’t seen a more regal specimen.


One Response to “All Systems Go”

  1. Donna Ortman Says:

    Oh dear!

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