Construction: Day 1 Eve

Tomorrow is the big day. Groundbreaking. The Lou Crew will begin construction on the addition. They were here a few days during this past week in preparation, marking the area and having to find the level of the existing floors where the new one will join by taking out, as he said, “brick”. It’s funny how you think (okay, maybe it’s just me) with the suggestion of a single word.

It was later in the afternoon earlier this week, after the landscapers had gone, having completed the job of mowing over the crunchy brown timothy I sadly refer to lately as my lawn, when I finally had come to a comfortable spot in my work day when I could break and get started on my sauce for that night’s dinner.I gathered up my ingredients and began to cook when I suddenly heard a muffled banging that sounded like it was coming from the basement. I had just been down there on an unscheduled peek at the “leak” and wondered for a moment how anyone could have been down there. Finally, I looked out the window and saw the Lou and half crew on the side of the house marking the dig area and banging out that brick he spoke of. Well, the banging kept going and going and I thought that was one stubborn brick. I checked it out later when they had gone and saw an entire section beneath my kitchen window was removed. Then it made sense. He’d have to be a pretty good guesser to pick just the right spot to take just one brick. It takes me a while, but I eventually get there.

That sawing and hammering repeated yesterday while they worked underneath the other window which will also become and entryway into the new room. It was so intense, the bric-a-brac in my office was chattering against the walls.

At the end of the day, long after they’d gone and I was about to get dinner started (my sauce from the night before was a masterpiece, if I do say so myself) when I noticed chinks of light near the floor. He had made such a space that I could see outside while I was laying on the floor. I guess that’s what Gus (a crew member) meant when he said he could see tile.  I wasn’t having that. Bugs could get in….and spiders! I appreciate the work my exterminators do but I also don’t want to single-handedly catapult them to the top of the Fortune 500 list. I took some foam padding and blocked off the area to keep the insect invasion to a minimum.

Well, on this, National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, the day before construction, I offer these two fairly self explanatory shots:


Keep your wits about you tomorrow, it’s Amelia Earhart Day.

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