A Wednesday Smorgasbord

I’m sitting here, in  my less than one month old brand new office chair that no longer reclines thinking, (already) what, oh what, will I have for lunch today. Maybe some boiled ham and cheese.  Maybe some salami, some capicola ( I’ll never understand the gabigool pronunciation, or how manigawt means manicotti. I had some spirited debates with the people I used to work with, especially when it came time to order lunch) some proccuttini, lettuce, tomato, onion, heavy oil and vinegar. And if I’m feeling really rambunctious, a tiny smear of mayo. That sounds an awful lot like a #5 super sub from Tastee Sub Shop in Edison, the institution since 1963. I always marveled at how orders could be taken from as far as three people back in line (I might want to swear it could be more, but that might be my wild imagination, you know, when you’re talking something up to impress someone else). And it’s always fun to go during their busy hours when the line literally snakes around the close quarters of the small store, and even intersecting itself at times. But the result is worth it because you come away with one of the best sub sandwich experiences you’ll ever have. I used to go there quite often when I lived in Edison and even now, for a treat, I’ll take a drive every once in a while and pick up sandwiches for dinner.

Oh, but I can’t go there today. It’ll be too hectic a day. President Obama is going to be there, after having been invited by the mayor of Edison to head a roundtable discussion to promote the Small Business Jobs Act which he hopes the Senate will pass this week. Owners of three other small businesses in New Jersey will also attend.

There’s always Five Guys. My niece never heard of Five Guys so I told her I’d put a link on here so she can see what it’s all about. Like I told her, the juices from their burgers will drip down your arm if you let it and their fries have been classified as the most unhealthy in all the land, but their crispy greasy goodness, dusted with some Cajun goodness are intoxicating. I wonder if each


store charges its own prices because I go there sometimes for lunch, just up the road from Tastee Sub Shop and I don’t remember it costing as much as it did the other night when we stopped after the movie at a different store. Two bacon cheeseburgers (which is a double patty–a small is a single patty, toppings are free), a large fry and two medium sodas came to over $23 dollars. I gasped, but I paid it. I needed solace after that movie.

Funny how some areas around the country don’t have things others do. For instance my family in Illinois can’t get a Devil Dog. For Heaven’s sake, they don’t even know what a Ring Ding or a Yodel is out there. The natives, that is. Or Dunkin Donuts. What’s with that?  I saw a Dunkin Donuts in Chicago when I was there a few years ago, however. And it was a long time before my sister could get Ronzoni macaroni. Well, of all things, you would never think Wise potato chips would fall into oblivion, but somewhere between the east and west coast they are unattainable.

This shot is a slightly different angle otherwise that stack of cinder blocks would hide the left corner:

And I would remiss for a second time if I didn’t post a happy belated birthday wish to Bugs Bunny. It was his 70th birthday yesterday!


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2 Responses to “A Wednesday Smorgasbord”

  1. Melissa Says:

    He’s such a wascally wabbit! And so cute, too!

    Did you say that President Obama was going to be at Tastee Sub??? For REAL?!? Neato!

  2. Donna Says:

    I guess my early evening text was “old news” ! HA! Tastee Subs are just that…tasty!!

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