Came, Saw, Had A Half A #5

I guess you had to be there among the throngs of people who were assembled to see President Obama yesterday in Edison to get the full impact. That’s not to say I had a secret little rush of my own, knowing he was going to be in a place that I, myself, frequent and have quite often over the course of my forty-nine years. But after all was said and done, it felt rather anti-climactic, actually. But maybe I can attribute that to watching it on the New Jersey News Channel, News12NJ, appropriately enough. They seem to have an annoying habit of running continuous loops of the same news for hours on end. I remember being glued to the set to learn the outcome of something in the recent past and had that channel on for several hours. How many times I saw the same footage of the traffic condition by the George Washington Bridge. After the first 3 or 4 times, it became apparent the sun was in the same position, making the same shadows across the vast dotted-lined asphalt span of sprawling toll lanes at 3pm as it was at 11am.

For a moment I had considered going, but I knew it would be virtually impossible to get around there, plus when I heard they were pushing people further and further away from the original barricades that had been set up, I figured I could see more on television.

I was watching the live stream on their website while I was finishing watching I Love Lucy on TV and then switched the TV to the news in case there would be anything worth recording, I’d have it for posterity. For the most part, from about noon when I began watching the stream, until he arrived at Tastee Sub Shop at around 2, there were only two new live video feeds on the news. And at one point, while a Budget rental truck and the huge Hummer limo were blocking most of the view of the store, the newscaster, who had been relocated further away than his original post, was uncertain whether Obama had actually entered the sub shop.

Among the pictures I was able to capture off the news website, is a picture of Obama about the leave the store. From what I can tell, it looks like he was standing facing away from in front of the cash register. Most of the coverage was very close tight shots, but as he moved away, they panned out and I was able to make out just where he was standing. And, by the way, I understand he had a half a #5, a super sub, the one I described in yesterday’s blog.

And not to leave any of you Nobama out, there was one joke during the newscast that might amuse you. Or it might amuse you anyhow. I kind of chuckled at it. “Do you know their naming a new sub after President Obama? It’s called The Presidential. It’s nothing but bologna.

The following are the pics I was able to get from the website. They might not be crystal clear when you open them; I had to rush to catch them as the newscast was live.



1: Air Force One landing taxiing at Newark Airport 2: President Obama emerging from Air Force One. Originally he was to be driven along the NJ Turnpike, but he traveled to Edison in Marine One instead 3: His speech at Tastee Sub Shop ended. 4: Outside the sub shop waiting for President Obama. Notice the huge rental truck blocking the view and if you look closely, you can see the front window of the store has been covered with a sheet of black plastic.

And of course, step 6 on the house. Today there is a foundation/slab inspection. So, let’s see if that passes without incident.


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2 Responses to “Came, Saw, Had A Half A #5”

  1. Donna Says:

    Thank you for the “tour” of Obama’s visit. The bologna (similar to your referecne to manicotti) sub….that’s great!

  2. Melissa Says:

    They are really making headway with your construction project. Exciting!

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