The Cupboard Is Bare

The one question we continually get when we talk about the construction on the house, is why, with the house being the size it is, do we need another room? I answer simply because there are two of us here, after all, and ten rooms cannot possibly be enough. Ariel has the less sarcastic answer and says that it all began with wanting a pantry closer to the kitchen, rather than at the opposite end of the house and that we needed a room for the pantry to sit in.

But, now, as it turns out, the room is also going to be built around another item. The ceiling fan. We got a catalog in the mail a while ago and flipping through it I fell in love with and had to have, a particular ceiling fan. In my life, I’ve fallen in love with only a few things that I had to have, among them, my dear departed beagle, the black and white painting of a waterfall and the very house I live in… oh, yeah, and the big juicy bacon cheeseburger that once, but that was a short-lived attachment.  Last night, during a more careful examination of the fan’s specs, while we shooed out the smoke from the salmon I was nearly burning in the broiler, we discovered a nine foot ceiling for this luscious fan is recommended. Our new room will only be a standard eight. “Maybe we can duck around it”, “maybe we can put a table underneath it” and “maybe it can go in the corner over the breakfast nook”, were my desperate attempts at not giving in that we’d need a different type of fixture.

“If they’re still out there when I finish my dinner,” Ariel said, referring to the Lou Crew who was still at it up until just past 7 last evening from about 7:30 in the morning, “I will go talk to him to see what can be done.” As a result, the ceiling will be recessed enough to accommodate this fan I just have to have.

In this picture, the subfloor is down and the framing was started. The opening closest to the house on the right side of the picture is for the sliding door; a window will go in the spot next to it, as well as along the entire outside wall and in the front part of the left side. Against the house on the left, where the center upright is being held into position with the two angled 2 x 4’s is going to be the pantry.

Get our your atomizers, today is the American Idol try-outs in East Rutherford, New Jersey. For those of you who might have missed it the first time around, or for those of you new to this blog, you can read Commander’s Interview with a former American Idol hopeful by clicking here and scrolling down to the Robin Lennox Interview.

Remember that guy who made himself throw up on an off-duty Easton, Pennsylvania cop and his daughters at a Philadelphia Phillies game back in April? Matthew Clemmens and his friends were heckling police captain Michael Vangelo and his two daughters and after one of the hecklers was ejected at Vangelo’s request, Clemmens stuck a finger down his throat to make himself vomit. Well, he was sentenced to 30-90 days in jail, 2 years of probation and 50 hours community service. Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, served 13 days in jail for violating probation. And now she’s off to three months of rehab.

HAPPY 84th BIRTHDAY, TONY BENNETT!  He’ll be performing at the Paramount  Theater in Asbury Park on August 21.


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One Response to “The Cupboard Is Bare”

  1. Melissa Says:

    That Lou Crew is on the ball! Can’t wait to see the final product 🙂 …. IN PERSON!!!!

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