Traffic, Traffic Everywhere


Today’s blog is coming to you from the road…from yesterday with that WordPress app on my phone. I’m not very versed in the mechanics of it but the last few times I tried it, it seemed adequate enough. This time, I’m attempting to insert two pictures; my ugly mug and the next of the house project. I hope everything–pictures, punctuation, paragraph breaks all land in the right places. I take no resposibility for errant misspellings because trying to type on this teensy keyboard is not all that easy. 
We had plans to get together with a friend of ours last night, on a school night. …I know, right?  And I assumed we’d be home late and possibly with a beer or two in us and I’d never get to this.

On the way we thought we’d stop in on Ariel’s parents’ before they leave for Florida on Friday. ‘Tis true, it was around rush hour but Rt 287 was backed up and at an uncharacteristic standstill so it seemed like something else was afoot. The three cop cars that went barreling past us in the shoulder kind of put the capper on deciding to get of that road and find a way out of Dodge. The traffic report on the radio finally confirmed there was a crash past Exit 2 and we were coming up on 6.

Thankfully I know the area like the back of my hand (though this scar is a bit unfamiliar) and I got us to the Turnpike, but not without sitting in more traffic again and watching another pair of cop cars go whooshing past.

Before we left I snapped this pic of the house with my cell, number 11 in the series, so that’s why it might not look like the rest have been.


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