Friday Falderal

There’s not much to say on this last day of the week, except, hooray! See ya! Nah, just kidding, I’m sure I can find something to blather on about.

Out of nowhere yesterday, I had a flair up on my wrist where years ago I had surgery to remove a ganglion cyst. The lump had grown to about three quarters of an inch high and was sometimes painful. One of the ways to get rid of it was to smash it. I had that done one and a half times: once in my German class in high school..ja wohl!… (that was the one half time, I wouldn’t let my friend, Danny complete the job) and the successful time was from my then doctor (turned drug dealer, and possibly kid toucher….he’s dead now). He said to me, hold your breath, and with both of his thumbs he pushed. Well, the lights went out and when they came back on I felt like I was in a cartoon. Dots of all colors and cloudy wisps of darkened dementia all swirled before my eyes and he sent me home in that haze of confusion. Jerk!

It was with another doctor I had it surgically removed and now I think it’s coming back (31 years later) and I’m considering that I may actually have to go have my doctor look at it. I just have to watch if he starts limbering up his thumbs. Apparently it doesn’t affect my typing, thankfully, since I type for a living.

If you’re a man and you want to capture a woman’s attention, wear something red, even something as insignificant as a tie. Red denotes confidence and higher status. Women in a study conducted in the U.S., Germany, England and China said they found men in red, or framed in red more sexually appealing than in other colors. Of course, to substantiate the findings, the results were compared to the primate world where the highest ranking male chimpanzees turn dramatically red during competition for primacy and the females go out of their way to mate with the highest ranking male available.

From the I’ll handle this one for you Shazz department: Will she, or won’t she? Probably not. Another American Idol rumor was afoot saying that Paula Adbul would be returning to American Idol. So You Think You Can Dance judge/producer Nigel Lythgoe said that if he had his way, she would be back on the panel, but because of an exlusive contract with another network for another dancing show. Unless that contract were to be amended, she cannot appear on another competition show without getting the stuffings sued out of her.

I have more pictures. The first is a repeat of number 11, the one I posted with my phone so you can see it better. Then it’s a view taken from inside the house to get perspective of how big that room is going to be. The next picture is of what was done yesterday. I don’t think very much got done; there was an injury to a crew member that had to be tended to but the recess for the fan was cut out, which you can see better in the last picture, also taken from inside. I have no idea what is splattered all over the window either.  I was going to  use this shot for the inside persective but when I saw how dirty the glass was from one day to the next, I had to put the other one up  for contrast so you didn’t think my windows were that filthy. But at least that’s one less I’ll have to worry about cleaning since it will soon cease to exist.



Have a great weekend.


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