Smile! You’re Not At Walmart Anymore!

It took a couple of years, but we made it back to the Middlesex County Fair this past Friday night with one thing on our minds: FOOD! First stop was for an Italian hot dog and a sausage and pepper sandwich. Oh man, I was tasting that sausage and pepper sandwich for days in anticipation. As the last bite was swallowed, we sought out the deep fried Oreo wagon which was right next to the butterfly chips stand, and we’d get to those later. A ride on the Round Up then a huge barrel of vanilla rootbeer and a beef stick from Romeo’s Oriental Barbecue.

You know how the clientele from Walmart is oftentimes described as freakish, in body type, clothing style and other general physical attributes? Well, as we stood gorging ourselves on our butterfly chips it was like the floodgates at the local Walmart flagship store were swung open because they were all there at the fair  on parade. That might sound crude and disrepectful, but, really, when you’re 350 pounds, Daisy Dukes are not really a flattering look, sir. Then for ten dollars we had the opportunity to have our picture taken with a wolf, but however docile and presumably socialized they were, not to mention beautiful, they were in a small pen, about 10×10 feet, along with a table for photo processing equipment, another for other souvenirs, and accompanied by two trainers and the photo girl and no apparent means of getting out of the way quickly should the aroma of sausage and peppers become too enticing. We passed on that opportunity. But the gray wolf knew his position, he’d hold his pose and after the flash of the camera, would lunge for his treat.

Smile! On this day in 1948, WABC TV channel 7 in New York begins broadcasting and Allen Funt was right there, giving new life to his Candid Microphone radio show, turning it into the iconic Candid Camera.

Twenty-three years ago today Chicago native Clara Peller, who worked for 35 years as a manicurist, died. At the age of 80, she was signed on to play a manicurist in a television commercial set in a Chicago barbershop. She was then asked to sign a contract, and soon the catchphrase of the mid-1980’s, “Where’s The Beef?” was born. The first commercial featuring the rancorous Peller aired on January 10, 1984.

As you can see, the Lou Crew has been going strong. What you can’t see is that the outlet/switch boxes are installed and the boxes are in place for the light fixtures…oh yeah! and my fan came in. Wait til you see this thing. Funny quick story…this past Saturday we went up to where we camp because it was the campgrounds BIG weekend of the season. As we were getting ready to leave, even though he was basically standing right in front of it, Ariel was oblivious to the 4’x4’x1′ box, housing the fan that was leaning up against my garage door. Okay, maybe that’s not really funny. Come on, get it? It’s a huge box, and blue and he didn’t notice it.


Anyway, these two pics are what I would have posted yesterday that they did over the weekend and what they did yesterday and the basic framing passed inspection. The one thing that’s a little different from the original plan is that we’re losing the bedroom window. We’ll work with it and at some point down the road, make that window a doorway and have access to the attic annex and make a closet out of the space, some day, when we win the lottery, or my book sells, or we find a bag of money on the side of the road.


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