Mind Over Mind Games

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day…no, no, the other one…about how it’s either one or the other, or possibly both, the government or the media that’s brainwashing us all into non-thinking dummies and I was talking specifically about driving while talking on a cell phone. Not that I do it (often) because <gasp> it’s against the law–but then again, so was eating runny eggs in New Jersey once upon a time in the not-to-distant past–and I noticed how the more I hear that talking on a cell phone while driving is like driving drunk, the more I actually drive like I’m drunk.

When I first started carrying a cell phone, way back when all a phone could do was make a phone call; it didn’t get the internet, it didn’t fold, it didn’t really fit into a pocket, in fact, about the only thing you could do that was fun with is was change the faceplate to a hip and cool color or leopard print, I never thought twice about dialing and calling someone. It was more or less as easy as changing the station on the radio at lightning speed. Heck, I could even reach over and roll down the passenger side window, or sip from my cup of coffee.

But now, because the media is relentless about telling me how dangerous it is to do anything but breathe in my car, I find that,  if I happen to get caught without my bluetooth and the phone rings,  I’m swerving all over the highway like a drunken stunt driver. And forget changing the radio. The second I think that I’m tired of listening to Justin Bieber and I reach to my dashboard, again, I’m cutting someone off.

It’s because they get you so worked up that everything you do is wrong, that you’re constantly worried and consumed with fear about what you’re doing. Since cell phones are a part of everyday life anymore, and some people seem to be born with one in their hands, they should just make using one part of the road test when you’re going for your license; K turn, parallel parking and callling your BFF to tell her that you’re taking your driving test. Of course you get extra points if you text that message and you automatically get a reduction in your insurance if you’ve got your seat reclined. You just shouldn’t be allowed to drink hot coffee while you’re driving because if you spill it, you’ll stain your pants. And to the best of my knowledge, walking and chewing gum is still not against the law… for those who can actually do it.  

In the meantime, here are the next pictures of the house, from over the weekend and from yesterday.



One Response to “Mind Over Mind Games”

  1. Melissa Says:

    That is very interesting (nice!) “stonework” on the outside of the addition. I had kind of thought that you would make it the same brick as the rest of the house. Then it would look like a super-duper big house. But I know it will be lovely in the end regardless.

    As to “doing things while driving” – I did feel perfectly capable of eating my bowl of cold cereal with milk while driving my stick-shift car to work every day … until I got yelled at (yes, YELLED AT!) by a police officer. Although, I have to say – I felt much more distracted by the YELLING than I EVER felt minding my own business eating my bowl of cereal… (I can fill you in on the whole story another time) …

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