Let’s Get Right To It!

From the three boobs for the price of one department: Gustavo Rojas, of Venezuela,  a First Justice (socialist party) candidate for a National Assembly position is raffling off not television sets, not a weekend spree in Mount Airy Lodge, er, sorry, Mount Airy Casino Resort ( I wonder if they’ve kept their heart theme and replaced their heart shaped tubs with heart shaped gambling tables?…just sayin’)… no! Rojas is raffling off breast implants in exchange for votes. Says he, “The raffle, is a financing mechanism, nothing else. It’s the doctor who will do the operation, not me.”

From the what a busy weekend I had department: I worked all weekend, Saturday and yesterday in hopes to get as much of the (thankfully) unending mounds of work done before the end of the month. We canceled two separate–I guess you can call them events, (as opposed to, say, irresponsible romps)–but work comes first and if only I could have taken five minutes to take a nap, to recharge the batteries, so to speak, I’d have been better off. But you know, sometimes, finding the perfect conditions for catching a few zzz’s can be difficult; you can’t get comfortable, the sun might be in your eyes, or reflecting off of something from behind, there might be people around and you’d feel embarrassed if you inadvertently nodded off. Well, our troubles are over! Please witness the following.

Coupled with your new limited edition Snuggie it makes for a glorious siesta!

And finally for today, I have some more pictures of the construction, this time from the inside. Over the weekend they worked mostly on the insulation and since it was one of those occasions were they swept up and made neat in there, I thought I’d show you some “inside” pictures.

The first shot is looking out the front…back?…side? wall. Side wall. Looking straight out the kitchen window, soon to become an entryway. The next shot is the pantry. That’s going to be immediately to the right of the entryway. Beyond that, we’re replacing the blue folding chair and yellow scaffold table with honest to goodness dining room furniture. And this third shot is looking toward the sliding door which opens to the back of the house. In the opposite corner of the slider is where the breakfast nook is going and the rest will be, I guess, dance floor.


And there you have it, my quick attempt at an off the cuff Monday morning blog. Have a great National Toasted Marshmallow Day! And if you toast them on the stove using a fork, be very careful not to singe your lips. Those 3 or 4 blisters that appear instantly are murder to try to explain without someone else peeing themselves from laughing at your idiocy. But you’re an idiot only once, so they say. Well, when it comes to toasting marshmallows.


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2 Responses to “Let’s Get Right To It!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Okay … the snazzy nappers (the people napping) look like terrorists!!! Yikes!!!! Or like … scary ghosts or something. And it’s a little freaky when you see these women are all alert and smiling and in the next moment, they’re slumped over asleep. What do they put IN those things?

  2. Melissa Says:

    That being said, I can think of a MILLION times when I could have used a snazzy napper!! I’m just glad it allows for easy breathing … that could be concern.

    As to the addition, it looks really big inside! And there’s always room for a dancefloor 🙂 Kind of like there’s always room for jello. You can’t go wrong.

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