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September Wrap-up

September 30, 2010

Man alive, can you believe today is the last day of September? With that in mind, I thought you might like to know Toohoolhoolzote, a Nez Perce indian prophet, died in battle 133 years ago today. Question is, did he foresee his own demise? If he had, maybe he’d still be alive today. Just sayin’.

Today is also Barry “Greg Brady” Williams’ 56th birthday. Oh, Greggie. And The Flintstones premiered on television 50 years ago today. The Flintstones, as you know, was the first animated program to show two people of the opposite sex in bed together. It was also the first animated primetime series that lasted more than two seasons, a record that wasn’t surpassed until The Simpson’s third season. It’s no secret The Flintstone was based on Jackie Gleason’s The Honeymooners for which Gleason had considered suing the producers of the cartoon, but let it pass and after Alan Reed, the voice of Fred Flintstone died in ‘77, Gleason, (for whom Reed did voice over work in his early movies) was told by his lawyers he could have the show yanked off the air, but was advised by those same lawyers that he’d be forever after known as the guy who yanked The Flintstones off the air.

First we had a tornado warning on Tuesday that fizzled out and now today, we have flood warnings because we are having monsoonal weather but even though we had planned to walk in the rain (we have appropriate gear for that), taking into consideration how most often what the weathermen say usually doesn’t pan out. Well, I was up before my alarm (one day out walking and already my internal clock is playing havoc with my beauty sleep) the rain was coming down in sheets. Needless to say, we didn’t walk. And somehow I think that means there’ll be no Lou Crew today. Call me crazy, but I just have that feeling. There was no Lou Crew yesterday either which means my fan wasn’t installed again. I got tired of not having any new pictures to post, so here’s a  picture of the much lauded ceiling fan.

Oh, come on, you didn’t think I’d show it to you yet, without it being in place, did you? But here’s the one light fixture that was installed when they were last here.

And on a final note, thanks to Ariel, I shot off a text to my Dead Celebrity players, well, Bobby, and raked in the points for Tony Curtis (or, Stoney Curtis, speaking of the Flintstones)…dead at 85 of cardiac arrest.


One Step At A Time

September 29, 2010

If you’re thinking that means we got up and walked this morning, well, you might be right…or you might not be.

But let me catch you up on the house first. No Lou-Natics yesterday which equates into no ceiling fan. <insert frowny face>. It still sits on the floor, in the box.

Nothing yet from that publisher, although, as of this writing, I haven’t looked at my email yet.

Hang on, let me do amongst yourselves. Nope, no reply as of yet.

And yes, we did get up and walk this morning. By 5:20 we were on the road and we did our customary 4 miles and then I managed a second workout this week, without falling and hurting myself.

I know we’ve been threatening for weeks…months, really to get back to walking and what really go the ball rolling is that I had a reminder on my phone to call and make a follow up visit with my doctor in November because he wants to review and check my numbers that were slightly elevated and as far as he knows, I’m following that cure all diet he put me on. So, no time like the present, and since I work best under pressure, and since it looks like we broke the spell this morning, I have half a chance of making some improvement before doctor man puts me on even more medication to control my out of whack stuff. And it would be my own fault, really. And from what I’m hearing, we’re supposed to be in the throes of flood producing weather between midnight tonight and sometime tomorrow, so I don’t know what that means for a pre-dawn constitutional.

I have to keep this short because I have a busy, busy day and I have to get started with it very soon and I haven’t even had my coffee yet and unlike those misguided millennials, that kills me.

The Best Laid Plans

September 28, 2010

When we last left the addition, shortly after that tester breakfast over the weekend, we took a little while to visualize how to set up the furniture that we’ll be using in there and you know what? It looks like we need to put an addition on the addition. Whoever thought adding another room nearly the size of a house, albeit a small one, (though it’s larger than some Manhattan lofts) wouldn’t be big enough to hold a dining room? Never fear! To take a cue from Tim Gunn, we’ll make it work. But once we’re able to move in there, we’ll be better able to see how to arrange everything because you really can’t make imaginary furniture fit correctly, no matter how small you make it. Go, go, go!

Speaking of which, The Lou Crew was here yesterday and got the inside of the pantry painted and the light fixtures installed. The fan almost made it up, but something went a little awry with the plans for the day and so in the box it remains. But I have a feeling today will be the day. I didn’t take any pictures of the lights because he wants to use those spiraly energy saver fluorescent bulbs (which he assures me are available in a dimmable version) and so he didn’t bother having the boys put the shades on them.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. I submitted a query to another publisher. I polished up the query I was going to submit to that agent lady in June, who then wasn’t accepting any submissions, who then left agenting altogether. I had to submit a short synopsis and the first chapter. I like it when it’s the complete first chapter, because things fall into place at the end of it and it’s hard to tell what’s going on in only five pages, like others ask for. I received an automated “we received your submission” email telling me I will hear back with a personal response in a few days. In their profile, they claim to read every submission and then, even if the project is not right for them, they will offer advice as to the best avenue to try next. So, we’ll see how all that goes.

Here is my weekly reminder about sponsoring Lucille for her walk against cancer. I see on her page, which you can get to by clicking on the pink ribbon below, she has almost reached her goal, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could help her surpass that? If you’ve already donated, thank you, if you haven’t, or if you know someone who would like to, you still have time. The walk is on October 24.  Help Lucille make strides against breast cancer.


A Little Night Music

September 27, 2010

Flies, stinkbugs and now, B’s. Yes, that’s right. There is a potential of 1,426 such B attacks; 298 in Britain and 620 in the United States and Canada combined, and who knows where the balance of them might strike and it’s become such a concern that millionaire soccer superstar Rio Ferdinand, team captain of the Manchester United and actor Mark Wahlberg (yes, Marky Mark) have been effected, but maybe for only as little as an hour. The pesky B, to which I am alluding, is the famous Flying B ornament that elegantly adorns the hoods of The Bentley. The hood ornament is designed to retract in the event of a collision but because of reported water seepage into the system and corroding the mechanism,  the winged embellishment has trouble retreating. The genesis of this recall is the fear of the Flying B impaling a pedestrian in an accident. I can see where that would be of grave concern, the possible puncture wound or even a branding (depending on how fast the car was traveling ) but I would think the greater dread would be of being struck by the vehicle itself.

On Saturday, leaving the Lou Crew here to finish their day, we went into the city to see the play “A Little Night Music“. The tickets were a birthday gift from Ariel’s nephew that I helped him pick out and I chose that one because the show was starring Bernadette Peters. We had time to kill before our 5:45 dinner reservations at Havana Central and they allow only a ten minute grace period and all members of your party must be present before you can get your table. That was reminiscent to another place we had a pre-show dinner that I can tell you about another time. The food there was satisfactory, though not the best Cuban food I’ve ever eaten. I have to say, hands down, no one can make fried bananas like Ariel’s mother. Anyway, right off the bat, our drinks came out wrong. My Manhattan was some fruity thing with an orange wedge and not a cherry AND on the rocks. I take mine up. When he brought me a new one, it was indeed a Manhattan, still with an orange wedge and still on the rocks. Though the musical soundtrack in the place was Cuban, the attitude was all New York; get ‘em, get ‘em fed and get ‘em out and very little atmosphere. We probably will not go back.

“A Little Night Music” takes place in Sweden and centers around the turn of the century (20th) relationship between Bernadette Peters’ character, actress Desiree Armfeldt and Alexander Hanson’s Frederik Egerman who is currently married to a virginal woman many years his junior. Through twists and turns and some scheming to “properly” align respective lovers who at some point became infatuated with everyone else. This was a role perfectly suited for Bernadette Peters and she played Desiree with an understated humor a middle-aged woman caught in a romantic love triangle might possess. Her rendition of “Send In The Clowns” was a revelation and similarly to “I Am What I Am” from La Cage Aux Folles, brought a clearer understanding of the songs’ lyrics. It was an emotional scene when “Clowns” was sung, and it was brilliantly performed with a crying crack in the voice, and through tears and sniffles. If Peters wasn’t actually crying on the stage, then she is a finer actress than I ever thought.

Elaine Stritch, who played her wheelchair bound (for the most part) mother who reminisced and advised her granddaughter on the loves of her own life came across too dry humored. To me, her sarcastic and acerbic barbs were overdone and came across as tedious and annoying and unentertaining.

Hanson’s Frederik, next to Peters’ was probably the best performance. He was nothing more or nothing less than the character was supposed to be, charming and dashing and the interest of nearly every member of the opposite sex.

The rest of the cast, however, I found was a cacophony of overacting and mugging and loud readings. And perhaps it was intended to have Ramona Mallory play Anne, Frederik’s chaste wife, like a younger version of Peters’ Desiree to replace that loss for Frederik, and that would be clever, but again, I thought it was too much (over acted) and a bit confusing.

All things considered, it wasn’t a complete bust. It did have its moments, like “Send In The Clowns” and some good one-liners and in the end my score was a 7.

As far as house updates, they finished the floor, even inside the pantry on Saturday, put the second coat of paint on the ceiling, patched and painted over the nicks on the wall from installing the floor (I’m assuming) and right now the floor is still covered with tarps and cardboard so there isn’t much to see. But shot one is of where the dining room is hopefully going, (that’s Lou’s chair and heating pad in the shopping bag on the floor), one looking through the new entryway and then the picture I took yesterday morning when we tested out the room.


Without Coffee? Y?

September 24, 2010

It really is a new world out there, technologically speaking, as I’ve recently learned, e.g., how pencils are so noisy on paper. I have to admit, at the dawn of this information age, I was the last person I’d ever expect to come to rely on it, but here I am, using technology for everything from work, to listening to music, to decide what rental movies I want delivered to my mailbox, to adding to my list of virtual friends, to writing my blog. Oh yes, and my book. Your what, Brian?

But I, as much as I’ve come to find technology can be my friend (except when my Internet connection drops, which hopefully will be alleviated with the installation of the new router last night), and at times a substitute companion even over the TV, I will never give up my coffee, unlike a study group of a thousand millennials who say they would rather go a week without coffee or tea than without Wi-Fi access. Millennial, for those of you not quite up on your tech talk, is another term for Generation Y, Generation Next, Gamer Generation or Net Generation. More than 70% of the U.S. respondents consider Wi-Fi a necessity in restaurants and shopping malls. 64 % of U.S. and 89% Chinese Wi-Fi users say it would be almost impossible to maintain friendships. Not having physical interactions with people is also kind of tough on friendship maintenance, but at least when the do get together they can sit silently, with vacant expressions on their faces across from each other and text people they don’t even know while they’re out having a burger together.

But then I might be contradicting myself because with the Wi-Fi connection we have, it enables our phones, our mini computers, to link up to that “other world” with the greatest of ease and I like it. But my existance doesn’t rely on connecting to the internet, and let’s face it, we all have a tie to cyberspace. After all, I was able to text my other players and got the points for Eddie Fisher. Dead at 82. But now I hear my text didn’t go through. Technology, not friendly. But at least I had my coffee.

But I come from a crossover generation that has seen so much technology come and go and become obsolete the very next day. My generation knows exactly what’s being spoken about the second we hear the term “box of 45’s”, without a look of quizzical panic. Someday, someone will say “text” or “Wi-Fi” and a whole new generation will have that same indifferent look on their faces, push a button somewhere on their person to activate the information chip embedded elsewhere on, or in, their person and figure out what a box of 45’s is, quicker than I found out what a millennial is.

There was no Lou Crew yesterday.

You know what was kind of fun the other day? There was a fly in the house. It must have snuck in while the guys were working. How could it not with everything open? I was in the kitchen and it was buzzing around haphazardly, minding its own business, landing first on the window, then the counter, then the window, just doing what flies do. I watched it for a little while thinking, hmm, it’s been a long time really since we’ve had a fly in the house… it kind of takes me back. Then I killed it.

You know what else I think I’ll be busy killing again? Those damn stink bugs. They’re on the way back and allegedly in greater numbers than last year. They first appeared in Allentown, Pa., in a shipment from Southeast Asia in the mid 1990’s and they’ve migrated to east coast in droves. And now they’re droving live crazy.

When the Lou-Natics left the other day, there were several of them in the new room. They come in to the house to escape the cooling outdoor temperatures. They can get in from smallest of spaces. They don’t reproduce indoors, so that’s good and they don’t bite, but they will release that rancid dead corpse smell as a defense mechanism or when you crush them. So, be sure to use anything but your hands. That odor, though, can attract more stink bugs–Halyomorpha halys for all you entomologists out there–and dead ones can attract other scavenger insects. They are virtually impervious to most commercial pesticides and apparently even industrial strength ones used by exterminators. Believe me, I know. They’ve tried every means available to them over the last few seasons during this time of the year to no avail.

But the government is working on a stink bug luring pheromone that will hopefully attract them elsewhere than in your house, but be assured, they carry no disease and are no indication of unsanitary conditions, though I could stand to run a dust cloth. But with all the construction, why bother?

That’s a heck of a way to end a Friday blog. But there you have it!

The New Addition ~ or ~ Back…With A Vengeance

September 23, 2010

There’s big news afoot concerning the new addition, but before I tell you that, there’s another new addition to tell you about; the arrival of Ariel’s niece’s baby boy, Yonathan Rey. He was due to arrive over a week ago and when he still wouldn’t make his appearance by this past Tuesday, Baby Rita, as she likes to be called, was brought to the hospital so her doctor could induce labor. But even that wasn’t working. This time the natural progression of things wasn’t cooperating so yesterday at 10 am, the baby was born via Caesarean section. So, without further ado, I present on behalf of proud parents Baby Rita and Juan, 8 lb-7oz, 19 1/4″ baby Yonathan.

Precious. I also heard yesterday that a friend of mine became a grandpa and another person at the office had a baby. Man, that stork has had a hectic schedule.

And then there’s the new addition, which now has half a wood floor in it, as evidenced below. When they arrived, I saw Lou was moving around with greater ease and was even on the floor lining up the slats. So, his back must have been feeling better.

My back, on the other hand, had a tremendous shock early yesterday morning. It’s been ages really since I’ve been at my weights and I thought, being Wednesday, I would finish out the week, sort of re-wet my feet as it were, start slow, and temper getting back into the groove for three days, see summer out with a good workout and hopefully be ready to go full tilt come next week. I set up my exercises, got my gear on and got down to work. I was working my back, doing lat pulldowns, and also was going to work my triceps. First up, back-always start with the larger muscle group. The way I get into position for this particular exercise is to hold the hand bar that’s connected to the cable that hooks onto weight bar and use the weight on the bar to counter my fat a$$ as I lower down to a sitting position on the floor. I grabbed the bar, lowered myself and I kept going with no resistance and before I knew it I had landed somewhere between the aforementioned fat a$$, my tail bone and the small of my back and the next thing I knew I was flat on the floor. To say I was stunned is an understatement, and I wasn’t quite sure if I conked my noggin on the floor as well but I was fairly sure I hadn’t. After the initial shock, and saw that I was able to move and get up, the thought that swelled up was MY TEETH. They, too felt fine.  Then I investigated the reason for my mishap…I hadn’t loaded my weights. Yesterday, DUH was spelled B-r-i-a-n.  Well, it’s spelled that way quite often. But yesterday was with all CAPS. As a pre-emptive measure, I downed a couple of doses of Advil but I think I’m out of the woods as far as any severe pain.

Fortunately, something like that should really only happen once, but I didn’t give myself the chance to find out today. I’m a little sore, I think the jolt caught up with me. So, I’ll see how it all feels tomorrow and try again.

A Jumble Of Words

September 22, 2010

What do hashtag, LMAO (laughing my a$$ off, BFF (best friend forever), TTYL (talk to you later) hockey mom and bromance have in common? They’re all among the new entries into the New Oxford American Dictionary for 2010. Staycation, hater, and that much hated and publicized Vuvuzela are also additions. For a more comprehensive list of words and phrases that will be in vogue to throw around in your everyday speech click here.  In case you’re wondering, I’m still working on “groovy” and “outta sight!” And if you know anything about me, you know that it would have made my day complete if that certain “A” word were completely stricken, but I don’t see any indication of that.

OMG! (Is that a new entry as well?) New evidence shows that a strong wind parted the Red Sea for Moses and his minions. A computer simulation of an area along the Mediterranean Sea believed to be the spot of the biblical crossing, shows that a wind blowing steadily for 12 hours at 63 miles per hour, could have pushed back the waters at least six feet. This land bridge is approximately 2-2..5 miles long and about 3 miles wide and it could remain open for 4 hours. But really, what are the chances of that phenomenon happening just at that moment? Or was someone scouting for this unexpected escape route? Was it really divine intervention? Frankly, with computers, I think any explanation is possible and how would we really know. I’m perfectly fine with Cecil B. DeMille’s cinematically triumphant explanation (or even his Jell-o mold version in his silent 1923 presentation.)

Well, as you can see, the Lou Crew returned yesterday. He’s still in pain, but wanted to get the guys back to work. I kind of had a feeling they’d be here so Monday night I took down the curtains in the soon to be demoted dining room and had the foresight to get a before pic of both that one and the kitchen one. The kitchen one is the one with the cafes still on it in the before pic. And for some odd reason both before pics came out blurry. And notice the lovely heat stains on the yellow wall. Well, that’s what you get when you can’t get to that wall for nearly 12 years because something has been in front of it. And it was a lot worse than that throughout the entire house when we first moved in, plus it’s going to be painted over once the construction is over. And then there are the after pics. By the way, the before pics aren’t as washed out as the afters.



Lost My Footing

September 21, 2010

The big mystery from Sunday can now be exposed. I’ve discovered I’m happiest as a landlubber. We went on a 3-hour (or so) party cruise on the Hudson to benefit New York Firefighters and EMT workers. When we were first asked about it over a month ago, it sounded like it would be a great time and another step, personally, in trying to overcome my fear of boats. After all, I got on the Circle Line back in July during my summer vacation and it went pretty well, except for one instance about 2/3 the way through where the tour narrator explained is a very rough spot to begin with. Well, all went well once I reconciled the fact I was trapped on that boat for 3 hours; trapped by my own doing, that is. But it was an enjoyable experience in the end.

However, Sunday’s boat was much smaller and as we approached the dock, I could see how it was bobbing up and down in the water’s current. I thought about turning back, but at the last minute, took a deep breath and decided to go forward. Ariel even offered to put it on him that he was feeling sick and would beg off from going, thus sparing me having to go. But, I was determined and I was ready to party.

As much as the boat looked like it was tossing about tied to the dock is how it felt under my feet once we were aboard. To say I was white-knuckled holding onto whatever I could get my hands on to steady myself is an understatement. There was very little seating; it’s a party boat, who’s sitting? But once the buffet station opened, we found a table and that went without incident. And the food was varied and delicious; roasted chicken, beef roll-ups with cheese and veggies, a hot pasta dish, salads. However, the dance floor was on the third level and that’s where the height of my feeling of instability came into play. There was much more sway than on the lower levels and I couldn’t deal with that feeling of instability beneath me. I found myself a bench, parked myself and let the party go on all around me. But I had a short conversation with a few people who when they realized how I was feeling, didn’t pass judgement. So, that made me feel a little better.

I felt horrible because I truly was out to have a good time but my fear got the better of me and I was more or less immobilized. I watched as first the New York skyline went by and then Jersey City skyline went by after we turned around and at one point we were stopped (which was also unsettling) directly in front of the Statue of Liberty. I tried to get a night shot with my camera, but the fool thing wouldn’t focus properly so I lost that opportunity. I was very disappointed that my fear got the better of me, because I intended to have a great time and party up with the group of friends we assembled to go with us, but it’s apparent I’m better at whooping it up on dry land. I suspect that if these were the olden days and my family was to set sail for the New World, I’d choose to stay put. Actually, for the 22 dollar cost of the ticket, it was a terrific value, if only I was able to fully enjoy it.

I think I really need to concentrate this winter on taking swimming lessons. That’s probably the largest part of my fear, that I don’t know how to swim and my lackadaisical approach to that outweighs what I really should do about it.

And, no, there was no Lou Crew yesterday either so I’ve got no new update for today. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, a reminder, if you want to make a donation to the Lucille’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, or you know someone who might want to, you can get to her donation page by clicking on the pink ribbon.

Sunday Afternoon Post

September 20, 2010

This is actually Sunday afternoon and as usual, the clock is ticking faster than I would like; I’m all set to get going to my long awaited (and somewhat fretted) charity event and I feel like a chicken with my head cut off, but I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on the house. There was a bit of a snafu this weekend in that plans of continuing work on the house (the second coat of paint and starting to lay the down the wood floor) because by Friday, Lou could hardly move from a pulled muscle in his back and even though he said they’d be here on Saturday, they didn’t show up. I’ve been on that side of having a bad back (and not to mention sciatica) and I can appreciate that look of holding back tears of pain and I was glad for his sake they didn’t come.

But, on Friday, the brick work got finished and the first coat of paint on the ceiling and walls were done but I was hoping to have another slide show of pictures from both days to post today. With any luck and good recuperative weekend, they’ll be back (there’s that word again) on the job again and I’ll have more pictures tomorrow. I did learn, however that the area under the brick, to cover up the black waterproofing on the foundation will be dirt. That’s being brought in, so if I’m understanding it correctly, the patio will be sort of elevated and the ground will taper down all around it until it’s even with the ground. And it’s gonna be a darn big patio, too. We ordered the lights for it already but of course they’re backordered but should be in in time for when they’re needed, but the porch light, for the side of slider won’t be in until November sometime so we had to run to Home Depot and get one so it can be installed to pass inspection. $4.99 later (and dinner at Lone Star) and we have ourselves a cheap little “jelly jar” to get passed the inspectors.

Also this weekend we began taking notes and lining up the information we have so far for the next chapter of McGinty and are awaiting some more via personal accounts from family members who hold the key to the rest of the story. Does that sentence make sense? We also cleared away the window walls for when the Lou-Natics are ready to break through. And I finally transplanted Grandma B’s philodendron in the hopes it will once again take root and flourish like it once did. It has gone from the size of a natural table cover to a single leafless stalk, but at least it’s still green and there is evidence of a shoot that looks like it wants to burst open. I don’t know exactly how old that plant is, but it’s been around since I was a kid and I’m soon to turn the big 5-0! And she had it since before then.

On that note, it’s getting to be time to skedaddle so here are the latest pics of the house.


Through The Fog

September 17, 2010

Show of hands! How many out there remember those anti-smoking commercials not too long ago where people who no longer smoked found it insanely impossible to do ordinary tasks, like backing the car out of the driveway or eating? I always thought they were so ridiculous. But I think I can say that I get it now. I get the point they were making. Not in such a crucial way, as in being concerned about one’s health, I’m not disputing that, but rather just functioning, or trying to, with a certain stimulus no longer present. Perhaps it’s a silly comparison, but getting through the first days brought those commercials to mind. I have my daily self-imposed cattle herding-like, cookie cutter routine; start work by 7:30 or 8, turn on the NJ news at 9, watch CNN Headline news at 9:30, switch to the Hallmark Channel for The Golden Girls until 11 and then I Love Lucy until 1 when I take my lunch break. Well, thanks to the channel’s new line-up, Martha Stewart is in those time slots. I don’t watch Martha Stewart. I don’t have the desire to learn how to make napkin rings out of hollowed out tree branches. So, I scrambled all week trying to get a new routine, which in essence is like having my own babysitter. It’s Friday and I’m still not sure what I’m doing. But I’m getting better. I’ll muddle through.

News on the house front! The brick is done, as you can see below, but it still has to be grouted and also the ledges for under the front and attic windows have to be put in place. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get this shot because just after they called it a day the skies opened up and it was thundering and lightning and it was so dark. But it blew over and I was able to get my shot. But that’s not the news. The walls will probably be painted today–the ceiling was done yesterday. The floor will be going in, he said, I think, this week, which means either today or tomorrow and by next week he wants to break through the existing walls for the doorways. Oh, and the plans for the patio were discussed, as well as one tiny other project that’s been long in the coming and it’s looking good, according to Lou that it can be all be done by the winter.

Remember how earlier this week we played Bingo for charity? Well, we’ve got one more charity event coming up this weekend, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet so I don’t jinx myself. I’m a little nervous about it, but I made up my mind several weeks ago to do it. Tickets are bought. Our group is gathered. The meeting place and time is all set and I can’t back out now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog about it on Monday, since the event is Sunday and will run late into the night, but by Tuesday I will have the story. And more progress pictures of the house, no doubt.

And sadly, after 13,858 episodes, the world will stop turning later this afternoon for the residents of fictional Oakdale, Illinois on As The World Turns, the longest running television-only soap opera that debuted April 2, 1956. It was decided last December to cancel the sudser due to declining viewership and is ranked as the least watched of all the remaining soaps. Coincidentally, a year ago tomorrow marks the first  anniversary of when Guiding Light went off, the 72 year old soap that started on radio, then was broadcast on both radio and television before making the exclusive jump to TV. In ATWT’s place, there will probably be some game show or yet another talk show. This is what you want, dear television viewing public, so have at it! Just leave my story alone! Long live One Life To Live!

On that note, it’s National Apple Dumpling Day. Rejoice!

Whoops, sorry, I just got this in. Herbert and The New Shazzam wanted me to tell you they’re still on the job and  they asked to me quickly tell you the latest out of the American Idol camp and they’re sorry they missed letting you know about J Lo and Steven Tyler being the new judges. To celebrate the 10th season of American Idol, online auditions will be accepted from those who cannot make it to the try-outs. Each hopeful has a 40 second shot with only one entry per person allowed. I would imagine with several different email addresses each would try more than once. They can sing songs only from a select list of approved songs and submit them through “Idol”‘s mini MySpace page until October 6. The ones that make it will move forward to the call back round in Los Angeles.