Just Like A Friday

To the Texas turd…turdette (it was a woman) in a white Toyota something or other mini-van, who refused to let me into my lane this morning, a pox on you! Well, she got her comeuppance when she suddenly had to slam on her brakes, while she was trying to pass me, on the shoulder of the highway, of all things, when a box truck entered the roadway.

I was coming from dropping Ariel off at an early morning appointment–I wanted to get back home in time to let the Lou-Natics in, and Ariel won’t be ready to be picked up until around 9am anyway and I was approaching my turn amid the confusing enough configured network of roads branching out in every direction in that area and I was trying to get into the left lane. Well, the Texas turdette was behind me in the lane I needed to be in, but too close to safely negotiate getting over there. My signal was on, she was relentless and in fact, she sped up so that it was almost impossible to make my left turn, which I made from the right hand lane, and managed to get in front of her on the curve. Yes, I was one of “those people”. She apparently didn’t like that I upstaged her in her mini-van and she decided she was going to teach me a lesson and get in front of me as soon as we hit the highway, but that box truck out of nowhere thwarted her attempts and I left her eating my dust.

On the way to drop Ariel off, however, a thought occurred to me, as we drove along that new stretch of Rt 18 that looks like it’s more fitting as an approach to an airport or a state’s capital city. It’s all redone, with an express lane and a elevated local lane on the northbound side and that overpass is bricked with arches cut out to look to the river that are bordered with clean mortar outlines. The southbound side is done up in a glass-topped sound wall in one area, and facade of a mountainside carved into stucco-like finish along the natural upgraded topography. It’s all very pretty, but it seems misplaced in that area. And there’s no graffiti. Yet. Unless I just don’t notice it.

One of those electronic signs alerting motorists to find an alternate route due to the Rutger’s game tomorrow and I thought aloud, to make conversation, why, with all the billions (I’m assuming billions for that road construction) they spent, why couldn’t they make an alternate route for football traffic rather than constantly impede us regular folk just trying to get from here to there?

Speaking of the Lou-Natics, they began sheetrocking yesterday and I have those pictures.  Who needed those windows, anyway? The brick is back in stock so they can continue on that.


Other than that, it’s Wednesday, I’m officially on my weekend since I finished my hours last night around 10, (and with the help of this past weekend), getting as much done for the end of the month as my sanity would allow. Also being the first of the month, there is a new logo and quote for September on the website. You can click here to take a look. And have a great day.


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